MU goes for pandemic Covid-19

The recent transfer window, Manchester United is always very unpredictable. In the latest twist, personally vice president Ed Woodward admitted the financial situation at Old Trafford is not abundant as speculation. Even according to sources, "Red Devils" is the most severely affected Premiership because pandemic Covid-19.

Manchester United want to enable the
MU still struggling to recruit Jadon Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

MU still struggling to recruit Jadon Sancho

Chairman Ed Woodward told Sky Sports: "We should not illusions and think football is not a normal business. MU as well as all other clubs also have to worry about making money and may fall into danger if you can not balance the revenue side. "

And operating as a message to send a message directly to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - in the context of military rulers Norwegians still hope for a summer journalism: "All what priorities we still have to do so to bring success to the team, but all should take into account the negative impact that caused Covid-19. Before I talk about everything back to normal, do not forget the transfer market greatly affected. "

Over what the vice president Ed Woodward has announced, could see MU likely not enough financial resources to recruit Harry Kane or star winger Jason Sancho at this point. Should know, Kane being Tottenham hung up to 200 million pounds, while Dortmund also shouted Sancho price not less than 120 million pounds.

Solskjaer willing to sacrifice

Priority No. 1 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in summer 2020 fair here - according to the Daily Express, which was brought to Old Trafford a winger good enough to upgrade the defensive play counterattack currently operates. This is also the reason MU Jadon Sancho pursue such drastic.

Manchester United want to enable the
According to Daily Mail, Pogba and Lingard had to go to MU pursue Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

According to Daily Mail, Pogba and Lingard had to go to MU pursue Sancho

The Daily Mail said the coach Solskjaer approval to sell off Manchester United duo Paul Pogba - Jesse Lingard, as long as there is enough money to pursue Jadon Sancho. Manchester United are having difficulty in the task of convincing Paul Pogba to sign a contract extension, contract by only 1 year old, included provisions allowing MU activate additional 1-year contract.

If Pogba not willing to sign a contract extension, to avoid "a long night dream" as happened with De Gea, Manchester United are ready to champion the 2018 World Cup to Real Madrid, Juventus or PSG. Desired transfer fee elite "Red Devils" for the acquisition is 130 million pounds.

Meanwhile, Jesse Lingard Mino Raiola recently hired - current representative of Paul Pogba to represent himself. This is clear evidence for the England midfielder is ready to bid farewell to the home side at Old Trafford. Lingard rarely get the fans 'Reds' record.

Even coach Solskjaer also no longer believe in the player again. If sold Lingard, MU expected revenue of 20 million pounds, though the player only Transfermarkt £ 15m valuation. Statistics show that, in 2018/19 and 2019/20 season 2 now, Lingard had exactly 5 goals and 3 line is created for MU.

In both cases sell Pogba and Lingard, MU not only earned a huge transfer fee (could approach 150 million pounds). Besides, the "Reds" also save £ 410,000 / week salary this duo. And until he is confident enough to convince Jadon MU Sancho joined the ranks of "Reds".