Before the league suspended because Covid-19, Army Solskjaer has accumulated 11 consecutive games unbeaten, including 8 wins and 29 goals scored.

Manchester United play Spurs - Mourinho: Pogba re Solskjaer play offensive
Solskjaer competed Mourinho (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer competed Mourinho

That's why the goal into the Top 4 of the MU seems not too difficult to do if the chain continued to show top form, especially when the pillars back, which includes Paul Pogba.

The arrival of French star can bring a more optimal choice for Solskjaer came the trip to Tottenham.

Sun Sports sources revealed, MU with abundant resources available in the midfield can launch up to four midfielders to play with a 4-4-2 diamond diagram.

Meanwhile McTominay will play in the lowest position, and Bruno Fernandes Matic also will receive distribution tasks simultaneously sweeping the ball in midfield. Finally, Paul Pogba will be raised near the striker play, not Bruno.

The Frenchman will have the task of stirring the enemy defense, freedom and adventure game than to help MU established a huge pressure on the Spurs.

After recovering seismic methods, Paul Pogba is expected to generate tremendous power when combined with Bruno Fernandes and help MU additional steel qualities as well as creativity in midfield.

Will not exclude the possibility that the French midfielder to play right from the start. The Fernandes and Pogba both on the court and his former mentor Mourinho will push into the predicament.

Performances by not only weak, the middle of the "rooster" North London is easily overcome by the power of the dream duo of MU.

By the beauty of the stone to Pogba and Fernandes pair together as opponents will not know what to prevent any two people. And it forced them to drop deep defense to narrow the gap at the back.

Manchester United play Spurs - Mourinho: Pogba re Solskjaer play offensive
The return of Pogba gives more options for MU (Image Source: Internet)

The return of Pogba gives more options for MU

However, the use of Paul Pogba in the next game is still a risk for the Norwegian national strategy. Because the French midfielder has only recently recovered from injury and participated in an important match will face pressure is not small.

But with the aim to create a surprise for opponents, coach Solskjaer readying Pogba came in first place in order to demonstrate the strength and powerful and most importantly, get all 3 points at Tottenham.