MU good ...

2019/20 Europa League semi-final, Manchester United actually played not bad. These figures indicate that: Army coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær launched 20 finish, 7 of which went wide. As for Sevilla, Spain team has some definite time and on target, all less than half of MU (9 shot, 3 times on target).

Manchester United lost the Europa League: 5 times knockout, Solskjaer less bravery or unlucky?
Martial's disappointment when the game ends (Image Source: Internet)

Martial's disappointment when the game ends

However, the effect is that the Spanish team to do better. Only stopped 3 times on target, Sevilla had their 2 goal. Meanwhile, the 20 times of MU's finish, the table with just one time penalty by Bruno Fernandes success. Complete 19 times the rest were not brought effective.

In such ball, the MU defeat is very deplorable. Rather that they play less, were rivals ragged pants for a maybe. Behind this England team really has mastered the game their own way. Page Whoscored even Paul Pogba was voted best player of the game with 8.4 points, Bruno Fernandes, Fred, Greenwood, Rashford, Wan-Bissaka are from 7 points or more.

Therefore, here one must examine the role of the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Norwegian military rulers have entered a relatively stable manner. The pressure in the first phase matches which MU created good enough for them to get opener shortly after 9 minutes, as mentioned, it's successful penalty kick by Bruno Fernandes.

... But "Solsa" not good enough

However, "Solsa" did not show the ability to improvise in terms of strategy. Sevilla scored twice situations are sawn armpit, reviews and cross border or cross inside. The first time was at the left after 26 minutes, the second time in 78 minutes right border.

Manchester United lost the Europa League: 5 times knockout, Solskjaer less bravery or unlucky?
MU did not have good enough improvisation tactical (Image Source: Internet)

MU has no improvisation good enough tactically

So they lost both by the same script, but is separated by 52 minutes. And it shows the tactical adjustment of coach Solskjaer is not effective enough. Another evidence shows "Solsa" did not have a successful day when wits against Julen Lopetegui embankment with colleagues across the battle lines.

Sevilla replace 4 players: The first time two players substitution after 56; second time 75 minutes and 87 minutes for the third time as a result, substitute striker 56 minutes - Luuk de Jong scored the winner to represent Spain.

Meanwhile, despite being led from 78 minutes to 87 minutes but, new coach Solskjaer hit consecutive 3 player Daniel James, Mata and Fosu-Mensah came. The final decision came Ighalo - a particularly charming players in the Europa League, came in the 90th minute + 3 instead Greenwood is like the hour action opponents households.

Lack of tactical coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær is the most specific answer to the so-called "knock-out curse" with MU. Europa League semi-final added recently is the 5th time in 2 consecutive season, MU coach Solskjaer failure at the arena Cup. Last season, they were stopped in the quarterfinals, while the 2019/20 season just ended, all 3 fronts FA Cup, League Cup and the Europa League, "Red Devils" are lost in the semifinals.

For years, Solskjaer was rated as good in the stage of human resources management and the locker room, but weak in terms of tactics and ability to improvise on the field. That explains why "Solsa" no trophy with United, despite holding this team is one and a half season, while coach Mikel Arteta Arsenal just a few months led to reap his first title.

In the arena Cup, Manchester United probably will miss Jose Mourinho. Despite having problems with HR or gameplay being judged obsolete, "special" really special period "old fox" in the arena Cup. And that explains why "Reds" won the treble - although only the second place trophy in his first season Mourinho led this team.