Evolutions friendly match between Aston Villa and Manchester United days 12/9:

MU has lost in the last friendly match before entering the new season. Teachers and students before Solskjaer defeated Aston Villa 0-1 in the trip to Villa Park. "Reds" lacking many pillars in this match, so this is an acceptable result in a practice match, but also open up a number of problems that exist in the MU.

Manchester United lost at Aston Villa's friendly: Many worries, highlights where?
MU bad finish, losing to Aston Villa (Image Source: Internet)

MU bad finish, losing to Aston Villa

The first is the gap between the level of the reserve squad and Manchester United. This is not a new story but never improved, though the new season was imminent. Martial absence and Greenwood, Solskjaer arrangement with Ighalo Rashford rock above while Lingard and James supported the war.

MU is not no chance in this friendly match. They even dominating the home side in the ability to control the ball, but his shot was too bad. Daniel James and Jesse Lingard has the opportunity to eat delicious, but both are wasting a regrettable way.

Norwegian teacher has admitted that his players well in capability and select the location of the ball, but too bad the crossbar. Besides, he said that this is only a test match so the result is not too important.

The problem is that this weakness led to a series of other consequences. The gap between the level of the reserve squad and so big that Solskjaer seldom dare to rotate players forcefully. The result is that the pillars of MU to "plow" more so the possibility of injury is higher and harder to keep cool.

Donny Van De Beek was not a bad debut

Solskjaer told myself that the pillars of MU need "more time to rest," but they only had just a week to start the new season. Fernandes has promptly recovered physically after plowed in match series Nations League, Pogba new back training, while Martial, Lindelof could yet force the most prolific, while Greenwood is automatically quarantined and receive "rain stones" from the media.

Almost half the teams have problems, whether outlast MU Crystal Palace (23h30, 19/9)? That is a difficult question to answer. The best solution for Solskjaer is to recruit more recruits to thicken the MU squad but is too slow on the transfer market.

Van De Beek rookie debut was not bad and it's one of the rare bright spots in this match. Besides, some young talent like Ethan Galbraith Teden Mengi or are leaving certain impression as a substitute.

Fans "Reds" will keep the team hopes to recruit additional 2 to 3 rookie, but with speed as the current negotiations, this unlikely to happen in practice.