Who mentioned here is Kasper Schmeichel, son of Manchester United legend goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. Under former coach Kevin Hitchcock goalkeeper Kasper capable of playing foot virtuosity and even owns a free kick situations like Cristiano Ronaldo. Hitchcock was Chelsea goalkeeper period 1988-2001. After retiring, he served as goalkeeping coach at Manchester City - where Kasper Schmeichel career start.

Manchester United legend's son is such as Ronaldo, kick virtuosity
Father and son Schmeichel (Image Source: Internet)

Father and son Schmeichel

In an interview with Goal, Hitchcock said: "Kasper is one of love football goalkeeper and liked to play like football players. On the training ground, he can be shot in any situation, whether it is light or reclining table as Ronaldo free kick. Kasper is the leader, like his father. He trained professionally no less anyone. Kasper learned a lot from Peter, to become the world's top goalkeeper. "

In a match against Wimbledon in 1997, Peter had a ball hook shot came tearing people from a rival network after a corner, when he participated in attacks in the last minute. However, this goal of MU goalkeeper unrecognized because Vietnam're sorry.

Kasper is the mainstay help Premiership champions Leicester 2015/16. He kept a clean sheet in 15 games, and not make mistakes leading to goals conceded. In this season, before the league suspended Kasper also played excellent performance contributed to the impression of Leicester under Brendan Rodgers with 3rd place in the standings after 29 matches.

Kasper increasingly received many comparisons with the great fathers, who won the "Treble" divine and MU in season 1998/99. Leaderboards Peter is what Kasper desire, when monumental Danes have 5 championship Premier League, one Champions League, three FA Cups, 3 Carling Cup and one European Super Cup in 8 years together with MU.