Tickets Champions League & prerequisite for MU

A hard but deserved, MU break into the top three Premiership. Back playing Champions League next season bring positive effects for staging stars "Reds". But United's ambition does not stop there.

Manchester United in Premier League Top 3: 70 days dreaming topple Liverpool - Man City
Has long MU fans not to witness this moment (Image Source: Internet)

Has long MU fans not to witness this moment

After day Ferguson back into the past, MU never Premiership champions. Thirst of Manchester has lasted 7 years, and promises much longer. In the past 7 years, the best achievements of Manchester United in the English Premier League is ranked second with Jose Mourinho in the 2017/18 campaign. The season remaining, the home side at Old Trafford to 4 times standing outside the top 4, 3 absences in the Champions League.

This context put pressure on the shoulders of coach Solskjaer army is huge. Next season, the fans, "Red Devils" want to see the team darling back to position throne Premiership, after years of seeing rivals like Chelsea, Manchester City and even team tiny Leicester - and special Liverpool is in rivalry turns turn coronation.

Want to compete 2019/20 Premier League title, United's current force is clearly not enough. And that lead to the instant success, summer 2020 transfer window is the chance that the home side at Old Trafford not allowed to miss.

Waiting for the blockbuster

From day 27/7, the transfer market in the Premier League club is open to the additional forces. In 70 days, coach Solskjaer to resolve many outstanding issues at MU. The Champions League next season like travel tickets brought many star promising to "Reds" in the summer fair.

Manchester United in Premier League Top 3: 70 days dreaming topple Liverpool - Man City
Contracts under coach Solskjaer played well (Image Source: Internet)

Contracts under coach Solskjaer played well

According to Daily Mail, purge the beginning of the summer transfer window first full right Solskjaer at Manchester United. Some players are Solskjaer held, in the context of MU can not recruit all the people rushing rookie.

In summer 2019, Solskjaer led MU fans shocked to outright eliminate the players Romelu Lukaku, Alexis Sanchez, Chris Smalling and Matteo Darmian. Antonio Valencia to leave Manchester United in the form of a free transfer. Earlier, Solskjaer quickly pushed Marouane Fellaini from Old Trafford. Ashley Young and Marcos Rojo also turn find new parking facilities.

Then the leverage plan Solskjaer squad, the blockbuster deal was drawn. Jadon Sancho supposedly number one transfer target of Manchester United. England striker spent 2019/20 season aglow with Borussia Dortmund (20 goals, 18 is created), was 100 million pounds valuation Transfermarkt.

But despite Sancho buy or not, it's just a business. Meanwhile, Manchester United still need to strengthen human resources in multiple locations. MU need extra midfielder in the top level to replace Victor Lindelof alongside Maguire. Kalidou Koulibaly is considered ideal plan for "Reds". Coach Solskjaer also eyeing the defensive midfield position or fullbacks willing to play good at all 2 wings.

In the 2019/20 season, Solskjaer "burned" 200 million pounds to 4 names Maguire, James Wan-Bisaaka and Bruno Fernandes, besides the Odion Ighalo loan. All five players showing excellent form, contributed greatly to the achievement of Manchester United's Champions League return.

Former Ferdinand stressed this is the season most enlightened MU transfer from the post-Sir Alex Ferguson. And if coach Solskjaer continues to Old Trafford signings like that, the Premiership championship race is possible.