Excellent saves by Dean Henderson

MU had first victory of the season after passing the lower division club, Luton Town 3-0. Even so, "Reds" is quite hard to have to wait until the new 44-minute opening goal on penalties Mata. Then Rashford and Greenwood turn up the late game to help the team win the new season debut.

Manchester United crush opponents under class: British newspapers praised Mata and unexpected hero
Daily Mail praised debut of Dean Henderson (Image Source: Internet)

Daily Mail praised debut of Dean Henderson

Witnessing the victory of Manchester United, the British press proved not too excited and just focus on two unexpected heroes in this game. It's Juan Mata and Dean Henderson. Daily Mail, writer Matt Barlow did not hesitate to praise "winged" the Spain midfielder right at the top of the article.

"Manchester United have had a few unexpected highlight though Solskjaer has not changed the face of how much. Juan Mata has showed his skills playing well at the age of 32. How does putting on penalties at the end of the first half to help United cleared as usual ".

This writer also indicated Solskjaer as rare it is changed to 10 positions in comparison with the first team match against Crystal Palace. The only players not being replaced as captain Harry Magurie. Dean Henderson first began officially for "Reds" and there's not a bad performance.

British goalkeeper made excellent saves in 81 minutes to help United exit goals. If Luton Town equalizer that moment, everything is not clear how developments. Dean Henderson is the player Manchester United is the highest scoring match Manchester Evening News Sheet.

Manchester United crush opponents under class: British newspapers praised Mata and unexpected hero
Dean Henderson is the Manchester Evening News peak dot (Image Source: Internet)

Dean Henderson is the Manchester Evening News peak dot

Writer Samuel Luckhurst gave British goalkeeper score of 8/10. Another player also attracted attention as Jesse Lingard. The midfielder is marking 7/10 with relentless efforts on the field. The two players were the lowest scoring United's Wan Bissaka and Ighalo (last 5 points).

Writer Charlie Wyett of The Sun also brought up Dean Henderson headline article titled "Dean Henderson debuts dream while Mata, Rashford and Greenwood merits".

"After playing for Manchester United youth team, Henderson played for Stockport, Grimsby, Shrewbury, Sheffield United on loan before the debut of MU team. Finally, the young man also had the chance to soccer for Manchester United. Almost Henderson will not work when suddenly, this goalkeeper proved why he could replace De Gea with tackles ecstasy ".

Mirror newspaper also chose Henderson and Mata accent

On the Mirror newspaper, writer Mark Jones also indicated Henderson and Mata are two of five accents noticeable in the game: "After so many times been loaned, moments Dean Henderson waited arrived at Kenilworth on Thursday night three (22/9). Life is so strange sometimes.

Henderson has left a good impression in the MU launch date. In fact, this guy is not doing much. United's defense was pretty good problem solving situations but at the end of the game saves that the quality of the English goalkeeper ".

Meanwhile, this writer questioned for Solskjaer should use more Juan Mata in the Premier League after outstanding performances before Luton Town. Spain midfielder showed creative abilities as well as connecting the lineup.