VAR continue at Manchester United in the game against Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has commented: "VAR corrupt you?" witnessed situations when the home team is not tech support pro-arbitration. Palace brave play but can not make the difference in front of a class than MU and the parallel of luck.

Manchester United are
MU should shock the line (Image Source: Internet)

MU should shock the defense

Just 2 minutes before Marcus Rashford opener for MU, intense controversy arose when Victor Lindelof Wilfried Zaha fouled in the penalty area. Referee consulted the VAR but still unspecified penalty. Should know, to 2 former players of "Reds" is Rio Ferdinand and Owen Hargreaves also acknowledged Lindelof was "stone people first and then kick the ball."

Into the second half, this time the Palace has sent MU goal but Jordan Ayew's goal is not recognized because of ... your fault Vietnam striker tip shoes. In a play sensitive and difficult to predict so, MU was "god luck" smiled.

A closer look at the situation, one could see the MU defense has revealed a lot of shortcomings, especially center-back duo Lindelof - Maguire. In the first situation, the experts proved difficult because relatively nasty blow Lindelof amateur, although he also had to spend 40 million pounds of MU. This is not the first time there is the shadow phase Lindelof cycle such immaturity.

Meanwhile the situation in the 2nd phase Maguire showed extremely defensive gaffe. 2 is still situations offensive player of the Palace challenged both of the MU defense. Maguire knew the appearance of Ayew behind her but in a way, he was sucked under the ball and what to have to.

Despite playing together for a long time but Lindelof and relatively Maguire seem not obtain the necessary food. Maguire captain has not built up the absolute peace of mind for the team with plenty of situations mistake since the Premiership again.

This match, David de Gea to 5 saves for MU, the home team suffered 13 shots on goal. MU may be played very well in attack, but their bottom areas are faced with many problems, can cause a series of impacts in a bad day sun.