MU "lobby" for Sterling

The Daily Mail has revealed a shocking information. That is the MU Ongoing pressure-side service with Raheem Sterling century - players on the payroll of the city rival Manchester City. The two sides silently promotion agreement, and so far everything is going on smoothly.

Manchester City take C1 banned for two years, MU unsettled
Sterling is said to have links with MU (Image Source: Internet)

Sterling is said to have links with MU

Earlier, the European federation does not change the decision to sanction the club Manchester City, though things are difficult post-pandemic Covid-19. Thus, the defending champion Premiership will be prohibited for European 2 season 2020/21 and 2021/22 next, and must pay fines of up to 25 million pounds.

In the case of Manchester City continue to fail in legal battle with UEFA, they will be absent from the Champions League next season despite the finish in the top four Premiership. This is the reason leading to the retreat of Raheem Sterling.

Despite being a pillar at Etihad Stadium but Sterling seem not genuinely devoted to "The Citizens". The proof is in the recent times, the player refused to renew the contract with the Premiership champions England.

In fact, Sterling is said to have tried to return to former club Liverpool team. However, the way this departed England players have turned him into a traitor of Merseyside, and hath shut the door always return. In this context, Sterling had contact with Manchester United.

According to the valuation of the statistics page and appraisal players Transfermarkt, Raheem Sterling is now a player transfer values ​​second highest in the world with 128 million euros - equal to Neymar Junior and less alone Kylian Mbappe (180 million euros ). CIES Observatory valuation systems Sterling from 120-160 million euros.

Coach Solskjaer upgrade wings

Not natural information of MU current transfer are related to the winger. Because, this is the essential goal of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Jadon beside Sancho, "Reds" is said to be looking for other possible face to both sides of the corridor, but Sterling is one of them.

Manchester City take C1 banned for two years, MU unsettled
MU are contacting the winger (Image Source: Internet)

MU is contacted winger

Basically, the longitudinal axis of the MU has shaped. Bruno Fernandes rapid integration, Odion Ighalo has also been activated to extend the contract to March 1/2021. Thus, the problem of the midfield and striker of Manchester United has been solved very well. The other location is also relatively stable, but the winger is not.

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær in hand at this time there is only one true winger, that Daniel James, Jesse Lingard also increasingly playing bad. Past stages of the 2019/20 season, signings like 15 million pounds from Swansea have played relatively well, and is the choice of the coach Solskjaer familiar.

However, James alone is not enough, and MU is now focused on finding a different winger good enough to make up the new wing. Jadon familiar face Sancho is the goal, but the England winger who promises would cost no less than 100 million pounds MU, maybe even more.

So, if you can recruit Raheem Sterling, is in fact a turning point in the building of MU coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Who knows, in a deterioration can be predicted ahead of Manchester City, Manchester United has benefited and gradually restore its position in the Manchester rulers as well as on the level of the UK.