Sancho is a name very "hot" on the transfer market at the present time, when both United and Chelsea both have the serious intention to bring this young star back to England. Currently both this team willing to spend 100 million pounds to recruit Sancho, but next time they will encounter significant barriers comes from the team that Sancho mature - Man City.

Man City to capitalize Sancho service: making Highway terms MU stranger anxiety
Sancho grown significantly in Dortmund (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho grown significantly in Dortmund

Accordingly, if Sancho was Dortmund's price £ 100, Manchester City will automatically pocketed 15 million pounds by the terms "commission" of 15%". These are terms that Man City have added to the selling contract for Dortmund Sancho, apply to transfer the next time Sancho. 3 years ago, Man City sold Sancho for Dortmund at just 9.5 million pounds.

And yet, the other terms Manchester City tied into contracts to sell Sancho for Dortmund is: if there is any English team does the price asked for the star, Dortmund must notify immediately to the boss Man City.

The Sun reviews this is a very wise move. Apart from knowing any team is interested in training under their stars should, Man City can rely on this clause the teams pressed interest rates, by the initiative of higher prices. If prices are pushed higher, meaning they also benefit, thanks to a 15% commission account other agreements.

Current coach Pep Guardiola has not shown any movement about the want to put Sancho returned to England. Naturally, if acquired Sancho, as Man City will be a 15% fee reduction. Still, the Sancho back Etihad is not high due to its location in the Manchester City winger is being undertaken well by Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva.

Recently, MU has withdrawn from the deal Harry Kane, and seems to "play every hand" in case Sancho. However, price is a huge factor, especially in the context of disease greatly affect the economy. In the statement the latest, chief executive Ed Woodward MU declared: "Do not illusions about the scale challenges that football faces and maybe the clubs, including Manchester United, can not proceed to buy sell as normal in this summer transfer window. "

Sancho 2 years in the current contract with Dortmund current and complete can be sold for about 100 million pounds. In the current season, Sancho has scored 17 goals and provided 19 challenge for the team is to create the Ruhr area. In case not to MU or Chelsea, Sancho may choose to stay in Dortmund with a new contract with more lucrative salaries pending on the negotiating table.