Witness the 1-3 defeat of Manchester City hon bags before Lyon newspaper Marca have Spain insights about coach Pep Guardiola. Accordingly, Pep haunted by the disappointment in the Champions League since sitting on a chair to lead Manchester City.

Man City obsessive C1 Cup: 778 million euros meaningless, poorly Pep Guardiola?
Man City painful eliminated from the Champions League (Image Source: Internet)

Man City painful eliminated from Champions League

So far, the blue half of Manchester team spent a total of nearly 800 million euros for coach Pep Guardiola shopping, but has yet to reap success in the European Cup. With that much money, Manchester City did not go over well in the quarter-finals four years, indeed it is a great disappointment.

Remember the summer of 2016, Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini farewell - who gave the Eastlands team first went to the 2015/16 Champions League semi-finals. Etihad field team had a tough time to invite the captain Pep's team. They're hoping the level of 2 times strategists ever won the Champions League will help the team "dragon" in the playground continents.

Since then, the Arabs boss did not spare money to invest to coach Pep Guardiola squad complete discretion for the purpose of nothing but the highest trophy prestigious elephant ear. According to Marca, a total of 778 million euros have been poured out and expensive series star landed at Etihad Stadium.

Concurrent with that, the title is still up to the "Green Man". But above all else, a silver cup prestigious Champions League, but the people of Abu Dhabi boss longing wait đang traditional room in Etihad Stadium.

Prior to Man City, Pep has won 2 times the Champions League with Barca in 2009 and 2011. He has 3 more times with Bayern Munich in the semi-finals. But with Manchester City, Pep was only the most advanced quarterfinals.

The first season, they stopped in front of Monaco 1/8 round. 3 seasons later, Manchester City go further, to the next ... quarterfinals. They blocked respectively by Liverpool (2017/18 season), Tottenham (2018/19) and Lyon (2019/20).

Man City obsessive C1 Cup: 778 million euros meaningless, poorly Pep Guardiola?
Coach Pep Guardiola is the problem? (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Pep Guardiola is the problem?

By this time, fans will be asking questions about the capacity of coach Pep Guardiola really. He used two times in the first 3 years now entered the military rulers, conquered this noble title. That was the beginning of the 2008/09 season, and then 2010/11 - with the same victim in the final, that is MU.

But since then, has 9 years to 8 season, coach Pep Guardiola is not the Champions League conquers: Including 1 season with Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich 3 and 4 along with Man City. Not only in the City which took Bayern phase, this team will not regret the money invested in the Pep. As a result, the German team is just better than Manchester City as they are to the semifinals before stopping here.