Lionel Messi's future is the subject of most interest at this time of the football world after he faxed declared intention to leave Barcelona as a free transfer. Although many people were stationed just a political masterstroke aimed at pressuring President Josep Bartomeu resigned, but any sign that Messi is likely to come true despite Barca are trying to hold him back just to sell price.

Man City in talks with Messi:
Man City are wide open than ever the opportunity to own Messi (Image Source: Internet)

Man City are wide open than ever the opportunity to own Messi

One focal point of the story is that Messi will be forwarded if leaving the Nou Camp, and yesterday a lot of reputable sources have confirmed he will move to Manchester City. Messi was contacted after Pep Guardiola and discuss with colleagues at the club had reported that "Green Man" enough to take him out of the Catalunya regardless of the form of free or buyout.

Frances Aguilar journalist recently revealed a fairly thorough intentions and capabilities of Man City in the Messi. According to Aguilar, a meeting between Messi and his family with representatives of Manchester City will take place next week due to Messi is still on vacation. The two sides will discuss the issues of wages, treatment, care about living, housing for families Leo and conditions of his children's school.

After ironing finished Messi will make a decision with the City or not, and if he can bring the family along. Invitation of Manchester City's Messi will play in the club for at least three seasons in the Premier League, then he will come to play on the last years of his career at the club New York City FC affiliated corporations City Football Group, together with agencies opportunity to become an ambassador for the group.

Messi is still on vacation and will return to Barcelona next week but is to meet with representatives of Manchester City

What about the fees? According to Aguilar, Man City has 200 million euros (180 million pounds) to do this and they can spend about 100 to 150 million euros to buy out Messi from Barcelona, ​​but of course they'll be more likely to own Messi take charge. Messi's salary for a year at Barca recorded on paper is 100 million euros, Man City will be happy to respond if no fee paid for Barca otherwise they will have to spend more time to negotiate the terms.

If buying off, apart from Man City 100-150 million euro sum may add 1-2 players to the deal in exchange for Barca. They seem to accept farewell midfielder Eric Garcia as desired back to Barcelona he is (only 1 year contract), in addition to Barcelona are also paying attention to left-Angelino, who last season was the City for Leipzig borrow.

Good news for City is now only have they approached Messi in a formal way and have a clear plan, while previous rumors that PSG and Manchester United chasing star Argentina are some reporters rejected . French media said Messi PSG will not buy because they would violate UEFA financial law, MU also almost did not care because they do not have a chance.