Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has confirmed that the Premier League club 9 filed denounce them on January 3, to request the agency not acquitted for Man City. Earlier, the home side have Etihad Stadium disclose records relating to the sale of players and UEFA were sentenced to 2 years are not entitled to participate in the European Cup by violating financial laws fair.

Man City in danger: Have 9 Premiership club
Man City suddenly CAS acquitted (Image Source: Internet)

Man City suddenly CAS acquitted

However, after the sale of the City's appeal, CAS was directly involved in the investigation and decide to remove the penalty for this team. This is the decision that many teams in the Premiership backlash because that Man City have been favored.

Even the denunciation of the Premier League club was 9 CAS "ignored" despite sufficient evidence of the Manchester City broke the rules by exceeding sales team. The last sentence is only 10 million euro amount for failing to cooperate with UEFA during the investigation.

Recently, reports Sky Sports has revealed the identity of the English team has sent formal complaints against Man City on CAS are: Arsenal, Burnley, Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester United, Newcastle, Tottenham and Wolverhampton. Immediately after being acquitted, Man City have continued to receive huge wave of criticism from the team on.

Man City in danger: Have 9 Premiership club
Etihad field team may be "rated assemblies" in the Premier League next year (Image Source: Internet)

Etihad field team may be "rated assemblies" in the Premier League next year

Coach Jürgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho has called the command to remove the penalty of CAS is a "disgraceful decision". Maybe Manchester City also have somewhat learned the names "backstabbing" I should coach Pep Guardiola has made some harsh comments for Arsenal full after losing to this team in the FA Cup semi-final.

"I totally respect what they show on the pitch, but that does not take place outside the pitch" - the coach of Manchester City Arsenal underground reply. Whatever conclusions CAS was given, but almost certainly will become Manchester City's "thorn" in the eyes of many clubs in the English Premier League in the upcoming season. Meanwhile, each of the Man City match will really become an opportunity for some team expressed outrage.