Not long ago, Der Spiegel - page report from Germany has led the British media nationwide uproar when it announced holding evidence the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) wrongly acquitted for Man City.

Man City have not yen Cup for C1: Being German newspaper expose to escape the crime of perjury?
Der Spiegel site (Germany) holding evidence series Man City perjury in testimony help them escape ban for European project (Image Source: Internet)

Der Spiegel site (Germany) holding evidence series Man City perjury in testimony help them escape ban for European project

January 2, Der Spiegel published 7 emails leaked from the website Football Leaks, accusing Manchester City seriously violated Law Financial Fair (FFP) and were UEFA (UEFA) prohibits attend tournaments European football at club level in two years, together with fines of 30 million euros.

Refuses to stand by, the Etihad Stadium has sent an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to protest the sentence above. The result, on 13/7, CAS surprise Man City acquittal judgment, continue to be for European and fined 10 million euros for failing to cooperate with UEFA during the investigation.

However, Der Spiegel claims they own the new email series shows not only violate the Law on Financial Fair Play, Man City still perjury during the hearing with the CAS though not spelled out in detail in this email. Towards Manchester City Etihad Stadium team representative immediately denied the allegations, while confirming the move from Der Spiegel as "an organized attack to affect the reputation of the club":

Der Spiegel if any e-mails, then why not announced prior to the UEFA out from Manchester City easier handling, it's a big question. The only explanation for this e-mail Rui Pinto belongs, a hacker has stolen a lot of material from the UEFA football. If UEFA get the e-mail as evidence Pinto against Man City, they are no different "sponsor" for the actions of Pinto stealing and Football Leaks.

And if the e-mail is used, it will not be difficult to Man City countered when the authenticity of these could not be confirmed when it fell to the hacker and may be edited for purposes against Man City. In other words dynamics of Der Spiegel's latest is just to keep the reader reading the article "investigative reporting" slightly bring against Man City clear of this newspaper, not to help UEFA wins.