Clause 37, Article 3 of the Law Financial Fair Play (FFP) said all violations will be cut after the period of 5 years from when the incident occurred and when it was uncovered . In fact, the luxuriant groves related to financial problems Man City started in 2013 and was first revealed in May 11/2018, it is also the time period above 5 years have passed.

Man City exit ban Cup project C1: Why UEFA lose
Details of the provisions of FFP (Image Source: Internet)

Details of the provisions of FFP

Main UEFA has confirmed this in a statement after the CAS ruling, that "there are many violations" have been cut because of provisions in the laws of FFP. Former players Gary Lineker England was the first for the UEFA questioned about the irony of this, that why UEFA wanted to punish Man City once they know this will be against him.

Lawyer specialized in sports of the University of Melbourne Law, Jack Anderson, analyst: "With the CAS ruling, UEFA is almost no possibility of winning the lawsuit with Manchester City".

UEFA can still direct access to the Swiss Federal Tribunal (SFT), which has jurisdiction to settle international disputes. However, according to analysis by lawyers Anderson, less than 4% of the cases appealed from the CAS decision was reversed SFT.

This seems to be a prerequisite to help Manchester City acquitted. Pep Guardiola's attitude with Man City star has also revealed part of their confidence. Both Guardiola and Kevin De Bruyne have vowed to stay with the club, although the situation there is. Representatives of the team was repeatedly criticized UEFA, said the agency is not impartial in the investigation process.

Man City only received 10 million euros because of disregard for the rules of cooperation, hinder the investigation process and disregard for UEFA. This is clearly not amount dwarfed by the potential of Man "green". They were rescued by a loss of 200 million pounds (100 million pounds per season) after being allowed to participate in the European Cup the following season.