If the Champions League ban cannot be changed, it is likely that City will lose Raheem Sterling.

Sterling silently left Man City

According to the Daily Mail, due to the terrible effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on European football, UEFA plans to remove the Financial Fair Act. More than ever, this is the time when clubs need cash flow of investment from owners, in order to create a rebuilding after the pandemic.

Sterling is considering leaving Man City (Image Source: Manchester City FC via Getty Image)

But UEFA has not changed the decision to sanction Manchester City. Thus, the defending Premier League champion will still be banned from attending the European Cup for the next two seasons 2020/21 and 2021/22, and a fine of up to 25 million pounds.

In the event that City continue to fail in the legal battle with UEFA, they will be absent in the Champions League next season even if they finish in the top 4 Premier League. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) 's investigation process completely halted.

Daily Mail journalist Martin Samuel predicts there will be a run for the Man City stars in the 2020 summer market. The most significant is Raheem Sterling. Although being the mainstay of "Green Man" but Sterling does not seem to really devote to the Etihad team. The evidence is that in recent times, this player has always refused to extend the contract with the defending Premier League champion.

The old roof welcomes "Judas"?

Still according to the Daily Mail, the City's winger is desperate to return to Anfield, after witnessing the extreme success of the old team under coach Jurgen Klopp. The individual had also previously made a remark to Liverpool top management: "Do I go back to Liverpool or not? Honestly, I love Liverpool. The club is always in my heart. That's the place that helped me grow, giving me so much. ”

In 2015, Raheem Sterling left Liverpool for Man City for £ 49 million. At the new club, the player quickly won titles including 2 Premier League championships, 3 League Cups. And once full of the title of domestic, the star born in 1994 may be dreaming of returning to Anfield to complete the unfinished Champions League dream.

Sterling wants to return to his old Liverpool team (Image Source: Liverpool FC via Getty Images)

However, whether Liverpool needs Sterling or not is another story. Liverpool fans resent Sterling. On the other hand, this England international is also difficult to replace Salah and Mane - the winger has a different playing style than Sterling. Of course the talent of the England player is still appreciated, but experts say that he should come to other docks.

Former player Phil Thompson said that instead of returning to the "Red Brigade", the English player should go to Real Madrid, Juventus or Barcelona: "I think the time he should return to Liverpool is over. I still feel that Sterling has a lot to do when he leaves Anfield. Perhaps when Pep Guardiola leaves, Sterling will break up with Etihad. The way of Sterling is Real Madrid, Juventus or Barcelona.

According to the valuation of the statistics and evaluation page, Raheem Sterling is currently the second highest transferable player in the world with 128 million euros - equal to Neymar Junior and only less than Kylian Mbappe (180 million euros). ). The CIES Observatory system valued Sterling from 120 to 160 million euros.