Recently, the Court of Arbitration for Sport world has officially confirmed will consider the appeal of Manchester City for the match Champions League ban takes effect next season. If nothing changes, the final decision will be made during the period 8-10 / 6.

Man City appeal C1 Cup prohibit, prevent beneficiaries MU: Judgment when?
Man City appeal to the same (Image Source: Internet)

Man City appeal to the

Earlier, Manchester City have received information on February shocking when UEFA UEFA imposed a ban for 2 years not attend the European arena, with fines up to 30 million euros. The cause is the Etihad Stadium was the serious violations of fair finance law.

Management agency of Europe's largest football confirmed the Premiership champions had violated "the rules on financial fair when spending exceeds revenues from 2012 to 2016". If the ban is maintained, Man City will not be in the Champions League season 2020/21 and 2021/22, regardless of whether they stand in any position in the top four Premier League.

However, a chance for Man City was reduced sentence or even be vindicated, it is thanks to the Court of Arbitration for Sport CAS. CAS town spoke English representatives when project that will examine in detail the work to conclude the most accurate. If the appeal is successful, Man City could even be refunded fines already paid € 30 million for the UEFA.

Man City appeal C1 Cup prohibit, prevent beneficiaries MU: Judgment when?
Man City risk of "bleeding" talent without the Champions League (Image Source: Internet)

Man City risk of "bleeding" talent without Champions League

In the opposite case, Manchester City will face the risk of "bleeding" a serious force when many of their star has revealed will go without projected European competition next season. The latest, top stars of this team Kevin De Bruyne has shared a desire to be alongside Ronaldo at Juventus for a chance to attend the Champions League regularly.

Besides, scenario No. 5 team in the Premier League this season will qualify for the Champions League next season is Manchester City did not want. This position is still belongs to the team "unpleasant neighbors" Man United. Therefore, the field team will do everything possible to Etihad appeal and remove the penalty of UEFA.