Jack Grealish performances before Tel Belgium

The club-level football match is on leave but the developments at the international level is still causing a lot of attention. And one of the topics most interest to fans of English football's top level of Jack Grealish, the attacking midfielder Aston Villa.

Man City ahead of Manchester United, the price of 100 million pounds for
Grealish Belgium shine against England despite being defeated (Image Source: Internet)

Grealish shine against England Belgium despite defeat

Grealish has caused controversy on the social network in recent years due to a reluctance to use his brother Gareth Southgate England head coach. And in the important match against Belgium in the UEFA Nations League, England failed chance go 0-2 that no longer but performances Grealish leave a strong impression.

England was the midfield Belgian blockade is very efficient but Grealish consecutive phases received the ball in midfield and without fear rushed through several players Belgium made him the player who fouled the most matches (7 once, Kane is second with 4 times). Even if the boss Southgate launched Jadon Sancho and Dominic Calvert-Lewin entered the game, the two players in the game are obscure but Grealish continue to be key players led Belgium to trying to prevent.

The kick was good and getting praise from media after England's defeat shows that the level of Grealish are increasingly recognized. Even Grealish being overestimated Sancho - who this season are performances are not good for Dortmund - by stars Aston Villa has 4 goals & 6 is created after 7 games in the club and play very stable for 3 years Aston Villa fell through when the Championship.

Man City ahead of Manchester United, the price of 100 million pounds for
Grealish was noted for both club and country in 2020 (Image Source: Internet)

Grealish was noted for both club and country in 2020

While the MU fans on social networks are still debating whether to abandon MU view to pursuing Grealish Sancho, the city team seems to have action. According to the Telegraph, Manchester City are preparing funds for a "blockbuster" Grealish summer 2021 and is willing to pay the price of 100 million pounds to buy him.

Sources said the purchase Grealish was the coaching staff Manchester City agreed to submit to the sporting director Txiki Begiristain because his ability is very comprehensive and not just in individual techniques and creativity in front tons public. Grealish though possibly good kick in the flanks, but he is actually a midfielder how golf can participate in the dispute the ball, a perfect specimen type midfielder Kevin De Bruyne in the eyes of coach Pep Guardiola.

Manchester City plan to buy both Luiz and Douglas Jack Grealish from Aston Villa

Not only Grealish, Telegraph Says Man City still want to buy midfielder Luiz Douglas Aston Villa. Luiz fact the former Manchester City man and his time at Villa helped you raise the level of expertise to become a good midfield interception. Man City has a provision that allows acquisition of Brazilian players with £ 25 million if you count up the total cost will Grealish service to 125 million pounds.

However Telegraph said Luiz acquisition is easier Grealish also it will be difficult for Manchester City. Aston Villa are far sold him mid-season and will seek to cause a price war between the big guns to push prices up for the star is very interested in this.