Harry Maguire received a suspended prison sentence of 21 months from the Greek courts after participating in a mess on the island of Mykonos taverns. United's captain accused of many crimes such as assault police, abuse, bribery and escape failed. This is considered a shock to many fans love center-back guy 100 kg.

Maguire MU captain revealed the police attack, the truth like?
Moderate Maguire received a suspended prison sentence of 21 months in Greece (Image Source: Internet)

Moderate Maguire received a suspended prison sentence of 21 months in Greece

Recently, Harry Maguire has spoken for the first time on the case after a week of silence. When asked if anyone felt the need to apologize or not, tough midfielder said: "I feel I do not owe anyone an apology at all".

"You apologize when you do something wrong. I do not feel it, I only regret that in one place at the wrong time. I have fallen into a difficult situation and I'm playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world. So I'm sorry to the fans and the club to go through this story. "

When asked about the incident, Harry Maguire expressed confidence in the impartiality of the courts rejected Greece and police bribery. World's most expensive midfielder called it "ridiculous game":

"I believe in the Greek courts. The retrial will help us to have more time to gather evidence as well as witnesses. I believe the truth will come to light. The incident began when two strangers approached my sister. They asked where she came from. When Daisy replied, my fiancée - Fern see her eyes darkened and lost consciousness. "

Harry Maguire in interview

According to press reports, Maguire sister lethal injection to be easily controlled. Besides, Maguire also explains why there is the intention to flee by the Greek police in civilian clothes and then pushed them into a minibus that midfielder thought I was kidnapped.

"I thought that she was kidnapped. They forced me to kneel and raise their hands to the sky. They kick my feet up and say that my career was over because I will never be football anymore. Behavior that makes me unable to think they are the police. Therefore, I decided to run away to ensure the network. "

If you follow exactly what Maguire revealed the England midfielder will likely be cleared of bribery charges of fleeing and botched by the Greek police did not do the correct sequence. Currently, Maguire is in a secret location and ask the interviewer did not disclose. Unclear ever returning players are MU to prepare for the new season.