Maguire and Lindelof and the main stone in the last two matches of MU in front of Chelsea in the Premier League and RB Leipzig in the Champions League and have played well to help "Red Devils" keep clean. Earlier, this duo had to suffer a lot of criticism after the first stage of "hair with hair", a part of the reason why MU was cheating in 15th in the Premier League rankings.

Maguire - Lindelof helps MU 2 battles clean, still criticized by the Arsenal War
Maguire and Lindelof seem to be looking for attention (source: Internet)

Maguire and Lindelof seem to be looking for attention

In a recent share, former midfielder Mu Rio Ferdinand still hasn't peaceful with what Maguire and Lindelof bring. "Is that enough? I suppose yet, if you want to compete in the top tournaments, "Ferdinand shared on BT Sport. "It is true that they have good defensive achievements, but I see worrying moments in matches".

"It is when they lack it to eat, sometimes lack of fitness, especially in speed. If the match is a little more open, they will have a big problem. The ability to prevent them to create when it's not is what he wants. If the game is open and they stand in the middle of the yard, then face a situation, or two hit the two, then I'm afraid of death. If the game has the team It is okay and the system runs smoothly, they will be a pair of viewing. "

MU has 4 midfielders, Maguire, Lindelof, Eric Bailly and Axel Tuanzebe. At the 1-6 defeat before Tottenham, Maguire and Bailly are the main rockers. Tuanzebe received a lot of compliments when performing well on MU's difficult visitors before PSG recently, and could be the perfect backup plan for MU this season.

Share more about Maguire and Lindelof, former Mu Paul Scholes midfielder said the team needs support from the middle line for defense. "When there are Fred and McTominay ahead, they play differently," Scholes said. "These support need more. This can reduce the strength on the attack as a match against Chelsea, but they are sure they like to kick with Fred and Mctominay in front. "

Maguire and Lindelof are expected to maintain the current performance, especially when MU will have a great war with Arsenal in the 7th Premier League this weekend (23:30 on November 1).