Recently, the central defender Harry Maguire MU captain was Greek police arrest man for assault on duty. After hearing the trial took place, Maguire was Greek court sentenced 21 months imprisonment suspended for three different offenses. Whether placed on probation, but Maguire decided to appeal to prove himself clean.

Maguire 21 months imprisonment on appeal, the MU captain disposition like?
Maguire did not take the armband MU (Image Source: Internet)

Maguire did not take the armband MU

But bad news still happens until recently coach Southgate has stated tiles from England named Maguire eve 2020/21 UEFA League Nations, turn against Iceland and Denmark. Meanwhile, social networking has had calls from fans to "boycott" Maguire and handed captain Bruno Fernandes instead.

Since joining Manchester United for 47 million pounds, Bruno Fernandes has contributed 12 goals. In addition, the impressive performance of the Portuguese midfielder was "on fire" for United to make up the string 19 games unbeaten in all competitions and the finish in the Top 4 success in the Premier League last season.

According to Sky Sports sources revealed, Maguire will meet several officials of MU and Ole Solskjaer to clarify the situation in the next few days. MU side decided not stripped of the captaincy of midfielder, 27, believing he was not at fault in the incident last as legitimate self-defense.

Also according to the source, the MU has actively dialogue with the England coach, Gareth Southgate withdrew Maguire out of the squad for the Three Lions, which help them and the midfielder had more time to solve the case in Greece. It is expected that the process of Maguire appeal will take a lot of time.

Accession MU for 80 million pounds, Maguire still holding the record for the most expensive defender history. Though not so prominent play, Maguire still less made the influence and become an important factor in the defense where the "Reds".

According to statistics in the past season, the player Maguire "plowed" the most world football game total of 5509 minutes. Maguire has not missed a single minute in the 2019-2020 Premiership season with 3,420 minutes. He also starred in the League Cup (3 matches), FA Cup (5 games), Europa League (9 games) and help United to the semifinals of the 3 arena. In total, the English midfielder played 55 games this season.