Chairman of FC Barcelona, ​​Mr. Josep Bartomeu, has announced in a press conference last official of the team that he will not resign president of Barca despite efforts motion of no confidence to remove him and colleagues the board of directors from the club.

Bartomeu not resign despite the hostility in the relationship with the pillars Barca (Image Source: Internet)

Bartomeu not resign despite the hostility in the relationship with the pillars Barca

In the morning of 26/10, press reports said Bartomeu Barcelona and members of the Barca board of directors has approved a request submitted to the Catalunya regional government, which proposed a motion of no confidence should not be organized by the scene-19 continue to translate Covid serious, the voters may face health risks.

But this proposal was rejected outright, suggested Barca were government Catalunya moved to the Ministry of Health Spain and after this set giving advice, the organization of voting will be guaranteed . Besides Barca also be disputed that not long ago they asked permission to give the fans in the Camp Nou against Real Madrid El Clasico, Barca would have to know how to ensure processes are followed and epidemic prevention.

That information is very disadvantageous and appeared rumors Bartomeu and his colleagues could resign after an emergency meeting is scheduled. However in a recent press conference, he declared himself president will not resign and declared his wish to continue to help the club head of the changing competition achievements in favor.

Location of Bartomeu shaken violently because of a series of events in 2020

Scheduled is a motion of no confidence will be held on the 1st and the next 2/11. However the decision of Bartomeu, local media speculation that the president still hopes that translate Covid-19 will force it to be postponed. But the advocacy organization would definitely not vote for peace, due to the announced elections would be today 27/10 and Bartomeu may want to avoid falling into that is not otherwise announced by drop votes, the Barca will be prosecuted.

The position of President of Bartomeu has shaken violently this year by a series of events, from replacing coach midway makes Barca lost the title of La Liga and lost to shame in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, to leasing company social networks to smear player Lionel Messi doubtful led the club to go and get into debt due to heavy gaffe about the transfer and paying players.

Bartomeu tenure will end on May 3/2021 and he will not be re-election, but Bartomeu clan, while others have ambitions to jump into the presidency and this is now the most honorable rescue it is possible to hope for a surprise. Say unexpected because none of the cronies of Bartomeu be appreciated among the candidates have openly intend to run.