Recently, leaders Barcelona convened an important meeting. There, Josep Bartomeu confirmed chairman will not resign and continue to be the leader of the team's highest Camp Nou. However, he needs to pass a motion of no confidence on October 1 and 2/11 to be certain to hold the chair.

President Bartomeu still stoically endured criticism from Messi (Image Source: Internet)

President Bartomeu still stoically endured criticism from Messi

Before key moment, President Bartomeu continue Messi named him as a front. He interviewed by the press: "I never thought about resigning after incident with Messi. With Barca, Messi and let him retire here is the best choice for everyone. We are working interesting project combines young players with names veteran. with Messi, I think Barca can win the title this season. "

Newspaper Mundo Deportivo leads the words of President Bartomeu: "The priority for us is to keep Messi as part of a new project. So I have decided not to discuss with any team. I was accused Messi out go to the club's financial balance. We put the interests of Barca on top, so do not want to add strength to the opponent. We make decisions knowing'll get criticized for it. "

Up to the eve of battle with Juventus, Messi to play 6 games in all competitions, scoring 2 goals and 3 phase tectonics. He and the team has received previous 1-3 defeat Real Madrid in El Clasico and is preparing battle heads into confrontation with Juventus in the Champions League on 29/10 at 3pm.

Before major battles, president Bartomeu trying to "caress" Messi. If Barca win Juventus, Chairman Bartomeu opportunity to overcome the motion of no confidence will be higher.

The head of the Nou Camp added: "I understand when to put yourself in the shoes of others, empathy is very important. In the case of Messi, anger is sometimes a good thing, because we can not accept failed. we were furious. But, with a term to inform him about leaving or not. Messi does not do so, and we all want him to retire here. "

Chairman Bartomeu tenure will end after the 2020/21 season. He stood as a candidate is not anymore. Still, he did not want to leave Bartomeu as a loser, superlative worst president in the history of Barcelona. Therefore, keep Messi helps Barca and Real in La Liga overthrow is the goal of this presidency, as a way to save the honor of the head of Barca.