Lionel Messi made the summer transfer window in 2020 became boisterous with bad decisions go, then, when he had said Barcelona stop will stay. Everyone thought that President Josep Bartomeu swallow, while Barca greats mistreatment most of his history.

Ronaldo followed Messi, become football players Monday income hits 1 billion (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo followed Messi, become football players Monday income hits 1 billion

Yet, look at the numbers that magazine Forbes has announced, fans will find that nobody mistreated Messi both. By doing anyone mistreated that earned $ 1 billion during the big ball caps like Barcelona!

Forbes magazine reported late on 14/9 (Hanoi time), Lionel Messi is the player with the highest income in the world by 2020. "El Pulga" earned $ 126 million, including $ 92 million salary plus $ 34 million from other income.

In a period of economic global financial pandemic afflicted because Covid-19, remuneration paid to Messi but Barcelona can make hundreds of thousands of colleagues worldwide envy. With US $ 126 million medium pocket, Messi became sports athlete in history Thursday achieved a milestone in making money from the $ 1 billion or more.

The superstar of the sport have reached and exceeded the milestone of $ 1 billion income before Lionel Messi, including basketball legend Michael Jordan, golfer Tiger Woods, boxer Boxing Floyd Mayweather, and in June last Cristiano Ronaldo .

Barca decided to stay to help "El Pulga" certainly add $ 92 million salary in the 2020/21 season. Messi may be Man City's promise higher salaries, even double or triple, but in fact Barca also did everything possible for Messi.

In addition to salary, Messi also collaborated with Adidas ad, besides the contract with Pepsi, Budweiser and company vision OrCam AI Technologies. The lucrative contract with the label, along with it's hefty remuneration that Barca paid help Messi owns fortune at 33 billion dollars.

In 2020, Ronaldo came in second place in the Forbes list. The Portuguese superstar earned $ 117 million. With 457 million followers on the social networking accounts of himself, Ronaldo is the most famous athlete in the world. He has contracts with companies such as Nike and Herbalife. After Messi and Ronaldo, who was third well monetized world in 2020 with $ 96 million Neymar.

Probably until they both retired from football, Messi will earn more than Ronaldo. Because this year Ronaldo has 35, while new Messi 33. Thus, between Ronaldo two-horse race and Messi has entered a new chapter. They did not just stuff on the trophy, on the Golden Ball, but also the whole amount compared embankment billion.