After much pressure, Barcelona Josep Bartomeu president and his colleagues finally make the decision to resign during a meeting took place on 27/10 in local time. This decision was made in the context of preparing Barcelona Juventus in the Champions League. Reportedly, Bartomeu and at the decision immediately after the government said the views of Catalunya region.

Barcelona Josep Bartomeu president of officially resigned (Image Source: Internet)

Barcelona Josep Bartomeu president of officially resigned

Buc dispatch adopted by the Heads of sectors Sports, Health and Interior of Origin Catalunya. The major contents of the picture of power is the regional government Catalunya "not aware of any legal barriers for the motion of no confidence of Barcelona. The team is free to perform as long as the measures to prevent Covid -19 is strict adherence. "

Earlier, a call the previous motion of no confidence against Josep Bartomeu duration were organized and received enthusiastic response. However, Barcelona's leadership deliberately delayed 2 weeks (15-16 / 11 compared to the planned 1-2 / 11) for reasons of public health concern in the context of service-19 Covid booming come back.

However, many argue that this is only by Josep Bartomeu excuse almost certainly take office if the vote takes place. After learning that can not hook is, the main part 57, the decision was "a step ahead" to retain the honor.

"I declare the resignation and the entire members of the board of Barcelona now. This was decided after discussion of everyone in the meeting taking place this afternoon. I got the idea of ​​the government of vote distrust this morning (local time). this is a decision very irresponsible and contradictory. this idea can cause serious consequences for people as well as those who love the club.

Therefore, we do not want people to choose health and love with the team. I and colleagues do not want to vote take place should we resign too. After being eliminated from the Champions League last season, resignation is the easiest option of me but I did not. Teams are having problems during the pandemic.

Bartomeu think you should be responsible for some of the work in progress in Barcelona

I can not just go to questions such as the new coach of the team is, the new contract would look like and who is going to persuade Messi to stay, who will take over the proposed salary adjustment. Team leaders should be responsible even if the heart is not comfortable, and the support of numerous people.

Previously, there are some rumors about the leadership team does not dare confront. It absolutely was the lies. I'm with my family and members of the board have suffered too much intimidation. That went too limited ".

Besides, Josep Bartomeu also revealed one of his final decision in his capacity as president of Barcelona agreed for European club tournament Super League. "I am also pleased to announce that Barcelona has agreed to accept the European Super League tournament in the future after the meeting took place on Monday (26/10).

That project was promoted by the big guns of European football and will ensure that the club's finances are sustainable in the future. Attend the Super League will help Barca continue to be owned by the fans. "