After a period of many incidents, Luis Suarez became the sacrifice in Barcelona. The flow of life is about putting pushing the Uruguayan striker to Juventus, then preparing to become allies with the opponent for a while Cristiano Ronaldo, who was Suarez defeated in both Barcelona and Tel Uruguay coat color.

Luis Suarez prepares Juventus: Ronaldo trembling, loss of monopoly position?
Ronaldo and Suarez never alleviate hostility (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo and Suarez never alleviate hostility

According to sources Gianluca Di Marzio's, Suarez still be present at Barcelona's training ground for medical checks and training with the team in the past two days, either to private practice at the request of coach Ronald Koeman. Uruguayan striker is waiting for the club decide whether to cancel the contract with you or not, this will make Barca lost 14 million euros compensation.

Previously, Suarez had reached agreement with Juventus individuals should now only waiting for the decision from Barcelona. As for Juventus, Andrea Pirlo new coach has stressed Gonzalo Higuaín Juventus will bid farewell, and Suarez could supersede the Argentine striker. And then, in theory, will own attack Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo - Luis Suarez - Paulo Dybala.

Both Ronaldo and Suarez are players who have the ability to seize the opportunity Supercritical. Meanwhile, Dybala likely generate mutations and create brilliant. With this trio, coach Pirlo hope can help Juventus Champions League curse, already hang on them since 1996.

In the 2019/2020 season, Luis Suarez has played 36 matches in all competitions, scoring 21 goals and had 12 line is created. Though the numbers are not too bad, but this is the worst performance of Suarez since joining Barca in 2014. This is partly the reason why Barca lost 2-8 in the Champions League Bayern carpet, white hands both La Liga and the Copa del Rey.

Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo underwent successful 2019/20 season on an individual level. The Portuguese superstar scored 37 goals in a total of 46 appearances with the Turin club, contributing heavily to the title of the 9th consecutive Scudetto "Old Lady".

However, the possibility of a combination of Ronaldo and Suarez - in this case the two superstars would be sharing the ranks, there is still need to be verified. Ronaldo was 35 years old and he can not play like the young, can not play at the left before the bundle into the middle to find space and score.

Not easy to combine the two superstars on the same team

So the place of Ronaldo - as to what took place in the 2019/20 season and the season before last, is the penalty area of ​​the opponent. So when that place of Suarez would be where? Suarez also has 33, second speed is no longer being maintained again this striker. Therefore, Suarez could not stick border, duty decoys to serve as Karim Benzema had CR7.

But if both Ronaldo and Juventus stand in the penalty opponent, space for both the striker would be extremely narrow. Once to rush into battle disputed "territory", two "Princess forestry" promises to make Juventus have problems in tactics.