Arsenal had just welcomed the sixth defeat this season in the Premier League after only 11 rounds. The teacher of Arteta fell into 15th and the risk of falling to another level if Brighton won Southampton in the late match. Losing a lot, people began to find the reason to blame and the signs of the chisel began to appear.

Aubameyang's representative blames his teammates who do not create an opportunity for this player

The Sun posted the picture of Kwaku Mensah, the representative of Aubameyang. The picture has a word "If you create more opportunities ..." attached to Arsenal's sad statistics table this season. The number of goals was only 10, ranked 17th, the number of timers hit 32 - ranked 18th Premier League and the number of opportunities was 65 - ranking 20/20 of the prize team.

This is an excuse for the weakness of the Gabon striker. Last season, Aubameyang had 22 tables and this season only stopped at 2 goals after 11 matches. Synonymous with the captain's scoring / match rate on the Arsenal side is ... 0.18 goals / match, the number is too hard to believe before the season starts.

In fact, Aubameyang or his representative should look back on itself first. In the match against Tottenham, the Gabon striker was not hit by the target, did not create a successful opportunity or scratch and only touch the ball 22 times - at least in the main kickers including the goalkeeper . Many people after looking at these statistics will say that Aubameyang only stands for enough troops of matches.

Losing Tottenham, Internal Arsenal Puppet Ren: The
Xhaka was criticized "only stones for themselves" (Photo source: Internet)

Xhaka was criticized "only kicking himself"

Also in this match, Liverpool's legendary Graeme Souness also pointed out that Arsenal players were strong everyone. The most typical is in the second goal, partey hurts and goes straight out of the yard, the shelf has not ended. Arteta noticed danger and pushed this player back but failed.

The problem is located in a pair of players and the Ghanaian midfielder, Granit Xhaka. The former Arsenal captain did not pay attention to the position of the position but only rushed forward. As a result, despite the effort, Xhaka did not contribute to the defense before Harry Kane finished hitting Leno. According to Graeme Souness, a big player and who made the captain should not let the situation happen.

Another statistic also shows the lack of cohesion in the current Arsenal squad. It was 35 times the ball, a figure was too strange for those who loved "Gunners". This indicates that the Emirates team is not in collateral in the middle area, so it is forced to push the ball to resolve the ball by entering.

This also reflects the status of Arteta no longer controlling Arsenal's dressing room. It seems that the day leaves Emirates yard is not far away.