Liverpool will proceed in 2019/20 Premiership with Everton Merseyside derby at dawn on 22/6 here. However, teachers Jürgen Klopp still do not know the exact venues. According to the original intent, the match was held on Everton's Goodison Park.

Liverpool's miserable: Risk to celebrate the championship way
Merseyside derby has not yet identified venues (Image Source: Internet)

Merseyside derby is still undetermined venue

But given the nature of a ball, "derby" this confrontation should be listed as 6 matches to be held on neutral ground rules to ensure social spacing. Then, the British government decided to transfer the announcement venues for the city.

Hope the game is still being held in Merseyside was rekindled when the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson voiced support. Besides, the security forces of the city are also committed to ensuring the security and if the match is taking place.

Everything all right and could have just waited Liverpool final decision of the day 10/6. However, according to The Sun newspaper, the Liverpool and Everton risk to move 200 miles (over 321 km equivalent) and field competition derby St. Southampton Mary still very high.

Liverpool's miserable: Risk to celebrate the championship way
Golf St. Mary Southampton from Liverpool over 300 kilometers (Image Source: Internet)

Golf St. Mary's Southampton about 300 km from Liverpool

The reason is because Liverpool are capable champion immediately after the match against Everton ended. Conditions to be Manchester City against Arsenal collapsed at dawn on 18/6 and sufficient condition is Liverpool Everton win. If these two things happen, the distance between the two teams will be the league 28 points while only 9 more rounds are finished.

Because of this, the authorities of the city of Liverpool have not dared final decision for the Merseyside derby. They want to organize this match at Goodison Park but if Liverpool champion here, no one can guarantee fans of this team do not spill out into the street to celebrate the championship.

If pending the outcome of the match between Manchester City and Arsenal new decision is too late. Therefore, the risk of Liverpool and Everton have marched over 300 kilometers to play Merseyside derby is quite large.