Liverpool defeated Wolverhampton 4-0 in the 8rd round of the Premier League to continue the championship race, Mohamed Salah was prepared for the defending championship in the first half before Wijnaldum, Matip and a protest stone table of Nelson Semedo fixed war Win. Liverpool may even have scored more desks even though Wolves play is not too bad.

Liverpool wins Wolverhampton 4-0 to continue clinging Tottenham at the top of the table

Fabinho is the best rated player while Salah has returned to a high form after 3 matches without scoring, and Wijnaldum is especially a valuable asset for the club due to 5 weeks of consecutive plays without break The match was in both the club and the national team but still did not injury. Liverpool even had a second-handed secret to the young goalkeeper Caoimhin Kelleher in the goal, Catching Alisson was injured by Ajax against Ajax.

One thing is very remarkable about Liverpool's performance, which is Virgil Van Dijk's injury in the Everton 2-2 draw on October 17, Liverpool played 11 games in every tournament and during that time they reached The net only 6 goals lost. Liverpool's number of lost tables before Van Dijk injury was a big worry of the club, even they led the Premier League in the number of tables losing since his football returned in July.

Need to add that not only Van Dijk, Liverpool then takes more Joe Gomez and Trent Alexander-Arnold, while the midfielder they also lost more Thiago and the latest Alisson. The injury caused coach Jurgen Klopp to bring the young midfielder Rhys Williams and Nathaniel Phillips and the right defender Neco Williams to flee the defense when needed, but Liverpool remained clean up to 6/11 matches and only lost every Atalanta.

Liverpool was unexpected after losing Van Dijk: 11 matches only 6 goals
Coach Klopp is with Liverpool undergoing a significant progressive battle series compared to before losing Dijk valve (Photo source: Internet)

Coach Klopp is with Liverpool undergoing a significant progressive battle series compared to before losing the Dijk valve

It seems that the main reason for this defense progress is located where Van Dijk has been relying for a long time that other Liverpool defenders seem to be subjective to mistake more. The defense lost a pillar that made other members not only be more careful but also lined with each other better, more Liverpool didn't even offer the rear route to be too high.

It shows that the ability to hold Klopp's military, he said, "The more problems are we face," and it has been shown recently. More before Van Dijk joined in early 2018, Liverpool had a series of 15 battles in which they reached 10 goals, and it was with Loris Karius or Dejan Lovren.

In the Premier League, only Chelsea is less than Liverpool in the same number of matches (3 goals / 11 matches) while Tottenham is also with Liverpool with 6 goals. But the more impressive for Liverpool when they lost their defensive pillars while Tottenham and Chelsea were still quite healed, the problem was Liverpool now to maintain good performance and Tottenham and Chelsea have a deal if they are their turn to be attacked Storm injury raged.