In a 1-1 draw against Fulham, Liverpool caused fans to worry about an unfortunate rhyming image between Coach Jurgen Klopp and Trent Alexander-Arnold defender. Because it was only back after injury, the recruitment star was replaced soon when the game was still about 22 minutes to close. Entering Arnold is a young talent of Wales, Neco Williams.

Coach Klopp proved unexpectedly before Arnold's attitude

It won't be worth mentioning if the witness in 1998 steps to the yard with a satisfied attitude. On the contrary, Arnold seemed to continue to play, so he was extremely upset and walked straight on the bench, instead of taking a handshake or hugging Coach Klopp as usual.

Of course, Coach Klopp couldn't show happily in this situation. The German strategist seems to want to solve the problem right on the field. He turned towards his pet and motioned that he needed a familiar rite of the team, which was a hug with the coach after leaving the field.

The British star was silent and felt confused when the camera lens was also heading towards him. The unfortunate friction between the two teachers was soon declining aside with a 1-1 equalizer at the last minute of Mohamed Salah striker.

Liverpool wake up waves: Pups are angry with Klopp because of decision to replace people
The conflict of two teachers was soon extinguished after the match (Photo source: Internet)

The conflict of two teachers was soon extinguished after the match

1 Point to win after the lead is a temporary result with Liverpool. Easy to understand why coach Klopp and Pet Alexander-Arnold after the close match has come together to show affection.

Obviously, with a strong person who has strong personality like Klopp, everything will need to be quickly resolved instead of holding inhibition in mind. The latest case has also shown the ability to hold and use the wise soldiers of the current Liverpool Captain.