Three goals in the match between Lyon Mbappe and PSG, which has 70m solo run scored:

After C1 championship and dominated the Premiership, Liverpool have the ambition to build winning era in the sky Europe. However, that plan was soon shattered after they were turned into the former King Atletico Madrid in the Champions League 1/8 round this season.

Liverpool waiting to explode
Klopp wants Mbappe (Image Source: Internet)

Klopp wants Mbappe

Failing which indicates that Jürgen Klopp Army imperfect as many people think. Over time, the play of the Red Brigade gradually captured all and not as scary as before. That's why the leaders Liverpool are ready to change, with the first task is to bring about a world-class star for the club.

In recent years, information Liverpool asked for Mbappe with PSG has posted quite a lot, especially in the context of the only players to 2022 contracts.

According Le10 Sport (France), new coach Jürgen Klopp personally took the initiative to call his father Wilfrid Mbappe is to express an interest in PSG striker payroll. Details of the talks were not disclosed, but most likely the German strategist who has taken the very attractive offer.

This approach of coach Jürgen Klopp showed Liverpool intend to own Kylian Mbappe all costs. Currently, PSG never had any shows will move to Mbappe go but they seem to have powerless to renew the contract.

Meanwhile, Jerome Rothen - former PSG player was revealed a few days ago: "PSG have no choice but to extend the Mbappe. The leaves him only a matter of time."

France team obviously not want to lose his star, but they are falling into a difficult position. Newspapers say Ligue 1 champions are expected to challenge 200 million euros for any team want to negotiate.

In reverse, the 7 PSG has also expressed admiration for Liverpool and philosophy but Klopp is building at Anfield. Moreover, the "Reds" and is becoming a destination very appealing to dominate the whole of Europe for 7 months with the title of the Champions League, European Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup and complete domination the Premiership this season.

In the past, joined PSG Mbappe with contracts worth up to 180 million euros and maintaining performance consecutive terrible goal in the last 4 years. Last season, the French prodigy scored 39 goals in 43 matches. This season, the number 7 has contributed 30 goals and 17 is created after 33 games in all competitions.