Liverpool travel to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea in a game awaited. Liverpool must be very hard to win but they Leeds 4-3 at weekends Thiago greeted and promptly registered to play for him, while Chelsea had one of the most frantic shopping season in the history of football.

Liverpool threw Chelsea, British newspapers predicted Lampard fired
"Chelsea Sadio Mané destruction" - headline of the Daily Mail (Image Source: Internet)

"Chelsea Sadio Mané destruction" - headline of the Daily Mail

But though Chelsea had a clear scoring chances, including a penalty, after Liverpool still won 2-0 thanks to a double from Sadio Mané. Not only goal of Mane, the game also has big highlight from Andreas Christensen red card (also by bringing Mane), Kepa mistake on the second goal and tackle outstanding Alisson 11m.

Daily Mail with the familiar style big headline: "Chelsea Sadio Mané destruction". Journalist Martin Samuel writes: "Yes, the red card Christensen created the turning point of the game, but the difference in level between Liverpool and Chelsea are very clear. The money Chelsea spending will not make them stick to Liverpool until they with a tight defense and an incredible goalkeeper. "

But Samuel said that Liverpool are not only wrong side won with Chelsea. "Chelsea into battle with tactics that blocked the opponent rather than the embankment level, while Liverpool smooth in every respect and they have a psychological play steady. Sadio Mané is a good striker of the champion last season, and he never showed signs of complacency with past performances, "Samuel said.

Liverpool threw Chelsea, British newspapers predicted Lampard fired
The Guardian praised the determination of Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

The Guardian praised the determination of Liverpool

The complacency is not a theme not only noticeable by her Mane, coach Jürgen Klopp also shows that outside pitch. Jacob Steinberg of The Guardian wrote: "Jürgen Klopp never want to relax, whenever he noticed signs of complacency he cheered with the Liverpool players. The demanding, perfectionist that is the reason why Liverpool are still coveted victory and into battle with Chelsea with a fierce ".

Daily Mail concurred with that view and they have a separate article for situations where Christensen eat red card. "A number of Liverpool players on the bench were clapping cheering celebrate when the referee red card, but Klopp has turned and yelled 'You guys crazy? Do not ever do that again'", article the Daily Mail described.

"Goalkeeper is only one of the 'fire' that Lampard had put out the fire" - title of the article on The Telegraph

Telegraph appreciate the determination of Liverpool in one aspect, that is the end of the first half first half 2. Journalist Jason Burt commented: "There is something that Liverpool became extremely dangerous minutes 40 minute 60. They have won a lot of games in the past 3 seasons at this stage of the game, not only because of the aggressive in dispute but also in keeping the computational effort to storm through the enemy signs wait out half or less hot start 2nd half machine ".

Chelsea's defense is about to face the change, but the results will turn out the debate on the report. Matt Law of the Telegraph wrote: "Edouard Mendy will certainly Chelsea after what Kepa present today, but the problem of Frank Lampard as he will have to deal with how the players have disappointed themselves but requires the opportunity to play. Christensen is one example, and if Lampard is not solved, fired what can not be far. "