Changes in the transfer policy of the owners FSG can make Liverpool face the risk of "bleeding" force. Under this policy, the home side at Anfield would have to sell more than buy, and value the rookie will be within the limits, to ensure you can cover losses for sidelined in recent years by disease Covid -19.

Liverpool Premiership champions still in jeopardy, many SAO flee?
Leaders Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

Leaders Liverpool

This is undesirable incidents of Liverpool by the team is leading the Premier League standings is necessary to maintain the force, serving ambitions next season. The soon eliminated in the Champions League knockout stages this season's former King also led the league encounter significant losses financially.

Therefore, according to the calculations of the owner of this team is the Fenway Sports Group (FSG), even if Liverpool crowned Premiership champions this year, the economic difficulties can not yet terminated. Besides, the transfer policy of FSG nor completely changed because of difficulties that they want to implement economic problems long term, ensure stable future for Liverpool even if the top level of the team this shade is no longer.

Therefore, when this policy is applied in the next summer, a series of goals that Liverpool are targeting as Mbappe, Kai Havertz or Timo Werner may also have to stop, to make room for other names possible than with the smaller value. In parallel with the procurement rookie, Liverpool also need to consider the liquidation of many players who have not contributed much to the team.

Liverpool Premiership champions still in jeopardy, many SAO flee?
Sadio Mané can become "victims" of the new policy (Image Source: Internet)

Sadio Mané can become "victims" of the new policy

In the new list was revealed recently, Liverpool will bid farewell to a number of stars such as Xherdan Shaqiri, Dejan Lovren, Sadio Mané and young talent Harry Wilson. Of these, perhaps the most unfortunate of Mane case when the African striker who is still in the ninth of his career. However, the home side Anfield thereby earning some decent money, enough so that they can reinvest for more potential business.

Clearly, the economic way of owners, Liverpool will face the risk of "bleeding" force and will not be easy for them to keep the top level as at present. Tottenham lesson is still there when the "rooster" although profitable, but refuses to shopping, then make them dropped down in this season.

Therefore, the Liverpool fans are "living in fear" at the prospect of the team darling not retain its leading position, especially when many rivals remain habit arms race with money and ambition .