As a known, Van Dijk was seriously injured at the knee after the collision with Pickford goalkeeper in the Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton. According to doctors' diagoes, the Dutch midfielder will likely have to take a break until the end of this season. This is a heavy loss for Liverpool because everyone knows how big the influence of Van Dijk is.

Liverpool only lost 3 goals / 7 games: Dijk valve paradox is not the most important?
Van Dijk sticks to injury and more likely to leave the season (source: Internet)

Van Dijk sticks to injury and more likely to leave the season

However, it was surprising that Liverpool's defense was showing a more expectation since Van Dijk was absent. In 7 matches after Van Dijk suffered injuries, Liverpool only placed 3 goals and had 4 deferred matches. In 7 out of Van Dijk's yard in the 2020-21 season, Liverpool had punctured up to 14 goals.

That happened not to be rare in football - a team lost a star, there are signs of improvement. It's too early to think that Liverpool will play better when there is no Van Dijk, but behind the statistics, what has the Kop has progressed when you miss me?

3 In 7 matches of Van Dijk this season, Liverpool does not have the service of Number 1 goalkeeper Alisson in the goal. Brazilian goalkeeper returned 1 week after Van Dijk was injured. Alisson's return to Help the goal of The Kop became more difficult to be beaten than Adrian often made a mistake.

Alisson's role did not stop at safety but was very important in how Liverpool transformed the state of match from defense to attack. Alisson's fitness in the rest of the season will be even more important to Liverpool's destiny especially when Van Dijk has a long-term injury.

Another name cannot not mention it's Fabinho. Although it was ranked in the left position, the Brazilian player was still playing extremely firmly in the center of Liverpool's defense. Fabinho himself was not strange as a midfielder when he was paired with Van Dijk and impressed in the victory over Chelsea and Ajax earlier.

In the context of both Van Dijk and Gomez are sitting outside because of a long-term injury, the role of Fabinho in Liverpool's defense is even more important. The schedule in the coming time will be very dense and coach Klopp understands that he will have to use the Brazilian player in a reasonable way if he doesn't want to lose a "steel shield" in front of Alisson's goal.