Although the ball was rolling back on the grass in England, but the damage caused by Covid-19 still extremely heavy. According to the Daily Mail, at present there are at least seven clubs are playing in League One (third class) and League Two (Grade Justice) of the UK will be bankrupt by the end of this month if they do not get bailout from Premier League .

Liverpool - Manchester United risk of being sued for attempting to manipulate, Premier League major contradictions
Two of Manchester United and Liverpool boss behind Big Picture Project plan (Image Source: Internet)

Two of Manchester United and Liverpool boss behind Big Picture Project plan

However, his bailout at risk crumble with the recent controversy. Last Sunday (11/10), the British press reported Big Batch 6 which led Manchester United and Liverpool made enormous restructuring plan called Project Big Picture comes an aid package of 250 million pounds .

Planning this radical controversial while reducing the number of clubs in the Premier League (from 20 to 18 teams), eliminating the League Cup and Super Cup England reallocation of revenue from television rights in order from head to bottom of the table and change the voting rights in the Premier League.

Although adding conditions 25% of the total turnover of the Premier League will belong to the Association league (EFL), but this plan was strongly opposed by the Division club as lost revenues from League Cup and television rights money in Britain divided the difference.

Things became even more when trouble press revealed EFL president, Rick Parry has "reached tacit agreement" with the Big 6 and agree with this plan. This makes the class team under extremely indignant. They are asking Rick Parry resign because of scandal. Earlier, the executive director of EFL David Baldwin resigned after only a short time taking office.

Premier League are strongly divided

According to Daily Mail, the two American owners of Manchester United and Liverpool are Glazer and John Henry had talks on Monday (12/10) and agreed to promote radical plan mentioned above. However, new obstacles appear in person when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the project Project Big Picture. He said that this plan seriously affect pyramid structure of professional football system in the UK.

English Football Association also voiced not support this plan. They are willing to use their rights in the Premier League to veto the plan even when 20 teams passed.

According to The Mirror, a number of Premier League clubs are even ready to sue Big 6 trial for this idea. Representative (anonymity) of a club statement: "From time to time, they just want to reap the benefits. It was the boss rich foreigners. They want to create a monopoly in order to be able to veto anyone detrimental to them. Liverpool and Manchester United would like to create a monopoly and Cleans the huge amounts of money. "

The source also said the plan would hardly be passed in a meeting between the 20 clubs in the Premier League take place this weekend. However, it is doubtful future. If not find a common language, mutual will to go to court and that would be an extremely large lawsuit. According to the latest survey from the Daily Mail, the Premier League side's 8/20 disagree with this plan, while 10 other teams clearly not the intention.