Unlike the previous two seasons, the Premier League 2020/21 are extremely difficult to predict when a team does not dominate the league. Even the team is appreciated as Liverpool, Man City have some losses "for life" despite the season has not stepped over a third of the way.

Liverpool - Man City
Liverpool took another pillar after the game against Manchester City (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool took another pillar after the match with Manchester City

The root cause is due to pandemic Covid-19 affects many aspects of the club, as well as tournaments. But in fact, the game two seasons almost constantly making the team is not able to respond. Not a problem considering the professional fitness of the players can not be guaranteed.

Practice has proved that the big mass star of the tournament because of overloading injury. Nearest defender Alexander-Arnold Trent Liverpool have problems in the thigh and had to stay 4 weeks after the wars with Man City. Speaking after the game, coach Jürgen Klopp said that the law in exchange for substitution (3 instead of 5 players as last season) is one of the main causes.

"I think any team would agree with us. The substitution of 5 players is not the advantage of any team where it is needed. The other tournaments are to replace 5 players in the Premier League he just 3. executive Board should really look at this ".

Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are common trenches

Coach Pep Guardiola Manchester City even more acute when talking about this issue: "All the world are allowed to replace 5 players in a match, but this tournament makes itself particularly with the decision only be changed every 3 people. We do not protect the players. it was a disaster for the schedule like this. If not for the replacement of 5 people, I think the team is very difficult to maintain performance. "

According to Sky Sports, Liverpool and Manchester City are coalition calling Premier League consider the law changed and they need the consent of at least 14/20 Club to get through. Association of British professional player (PFA) also support this issue. However, this proposal was rejected not once but twice in recent times.

A source revealed to Sky Sports stations cause of the problem. "The situation of the small team is not like the big team. Their condition is simple and miserable much. The problem is very simple, the big clubs have benefited more from the replacement of five players. Not must team does well enough squad depth to replace 5 players / games. Therefore, they reject this proposal ".

Seen from the Premier League standings can now see the difference between the teams is no longer distance, so it is difficult for the rest of the league accept the "claim" of Liverpool and Man City.