Liverpool match has just undergone the 2nd consecutive unknown to smell victory in the Premiership. Burnley after drawing 1-1 in the round of 35, the new king has lost this morning contrary Arsenal 1-2 in round 36. Virgil van Dijk and defender goalkeeper Alisson Becker are individual mistakes led to the second main table loss of "Kop" Emirates.

Liverpool lost to Arsenal: Van Dijk Crime map admit, Klopp vent pupil
Van Dijk made the disastrous mistake to Arsenal comeback Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

Van Dijk disastrous mistakes made Liverpool to Arsenal comeback

Dark history was repeated with Liverpool. For the first time in nearly four years, they opened the score but to rival comeback immediately in the 1st half of a game since a similar place in the match against West Ham in December 2016 in the English Premier League . Quite coincidence that it is also the game that "The Kop" having a team of London and received two goals from two mistakes in a row in the first 45 minutes.

Immediately after the match, to share TV channel Sky Sports, "sinner" Van Dijk said: "I think the goal of his team is because we (Liverpool) gave them (Arsenal) gifts. Until before conceding the first goal, we had good pressure with them, but then give them two goals.

Really a disappointment in my head now, but I'll go home and everything will be fine. That's the life of a football player. Sometimes you win and was a hero, and sometimes you can be a villain in some certain cases. I made a mistake, I am fully responsible for it and we keep trying. "

Meanwhile, coach Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool) is shown furious game. Share on Sky Sports, a German teacher said:

"Twice lack of concentration, we had a break expression after a 1-0 lead, especially in the first half before they (Arsenal) have goals. We still play excellent, with the proportion of shot formidable competitor in figure 24-3, it's unbelievable. But two moments mistakes that killed our game. "

Liverpool lost to Arsenal: Van Dijk Crime map admit, Klopp vent pupil
Coach Jürgen Klopp charged game too soon break ahead but lost to Arsenal vice bitter (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Jürgen Klopp charged game too soon break ahead but lost to Arsenal vice bitter

Klopp continued: "Arsenal have no chance really, they only have one shot the other in the final moments. You can not win football matches while conceding conceding goals like this. We did stay business too soon, it was clear.

Besides, there is the loss of focus and the game in the Premier League and you're not allowed to do that. Virgil van Dijk took the ball, but I do not see the positive response from the students at all. Nobody wants to win the ball. It is ridiculous. "

Meanwhile, across the front line, two players for Arsenal in the establishment of this victory went down in history with a proud milestone.

Alexandre Lacazette has become Arsenal's first after more than 13 years has scored the medium is created, in a match against rival and crowned the Premier League, since the similar case of legendary compatriot Thierry Henry as the "Gunners" game MU in January 2007.

Reiss Nelson also became the 5th player for Arsenal this season, scored in the Premiership while still in the U20 age group (with Saka, Nketiah, Martinelli and Willock). No club in this arena have more representation at the age of 20 or lower scoring much 2019/20 season as coach Mikel Arteta Army.