As of champions, Liverpool suddenly drying clothes on the field with the score 2-7 to Aston Villa. The last time "The Kop" conceding 7 goals in a match that from April 1963, in the previous 2-7 defeat Tottenham Hotspur.

Liverpool lost 2-7 trauma: psychological shock Klopp coach, Van Dijk said?
Coach Klopp explained reasons (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Klopp explains cause

After receiving the results to friends using at Villa Park, coach Klopp admits shock and explain the cause of this bad result: "I'm not sure can explain what the team did. There are various reasons, but Aston Villa did very well. Opponents took advantage of our mistakes well have.

The first goal is an example. Of course it has a big impact and that's what should not happen. We have conceded the same goals in the past, but the response was not good and we lost the match. "

"More precisely, we have done all the things not to do in a football game. But what Aston Villa have shown, they force us to do it.

This was not negligence but have to say is deplorable. I admit it on the players but I can not change. I'd love to have a training session in the coming days to speak about these things, but the players have to go back on duty for the national side. Hopefully they come back healthy and we used two days to prepare for the game against Everton, "the German strategist added.

In another development, defender Virgil van Dijk also middle frankly admit defeat shameful: "It is sad to lose such a way. Should we have to do better after the goal was to reach. In general the whole team were very disappointed. We should not lose with the score like that, but that's the key for us to stick together and make sure it does not happen again.

Will be hard to deny the efforts of Aston Villa. In all aspects of the game, we should do much better. Between Arsenal performer wins and today is so bad. All will have to recognize everything and responsible for past defeats. "