Liverpool are close to Premier League championships than ever after 30 years of waiting. They just 6 points more to his coronation in the season 2019/20 and if Man City lost to Arsenal in a match offset 28, it was coming sooner. Eagerness is impossible to hide in the eyes of the fans, players and coaching staff of "Kop".

Liverpool - Klopp on the idea
Liverpool can not parade celebrating like the Champions League last season (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool can not parade celebrating like the Champions League last season

However, a disadvantage for Liverpool is that they can not be crowned before the home crowd at Anfield. The parade celebrates the usual nor permitted by the UK Government has not yet allowed to gather so many people with concerns translate Covid-19 may flare up again.

Even the British government ready to switch venues from Anfield Liverpool fans if this team does not abide by the rules of social spacing. This makes not only fans, but even coach Jürgen Klopp also feel uncomfortable.

"It's annoying when you can not celebrate the way you always wished daily. However, I understand why the right to do so. I have yet to imagine celebrating alone around the stadium and then just drive home. Although not want, you do not change ". German teacher interview on Sky Sports Radio.

Liverpool - Klopp on the idea
Coach Jürgen Klopp to celebrate the idea "crazy" (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Jürgen Klopp to celebrate the idea "crazy"

Can not celebrate as usual, Jürgen Klopp has proposed a way to celebrate that even he himself said to be "crazy". "Then one day life will return to normal. Vaccines will be patent, effective remedy would be invented and then the rate of return 0% infection. That is the day we celebrate as the true champion.

Even when it was time for the 12 or 13 of the next season, we still celebrate and sure nobody banned it. We have hung and floor standing on bus 2 horizontal march around the city and the fans. If someone says we're crazy, I do not care. That will be a special celebration and unusual ".

With the zeal of Liverpool fans in celebration happening Champions League title last year, the idea of ​​Jürgen Klopp is not without reason, but also very difficult. Currently, service in the UK Covid-19 is basically just very difficult to control this idea be implemented in the near future.