Liverpool is difficult with "Premier League"

Liverpool black enough to understand. They lost the best player in the 2018/19 Virgil Valvan Dijk season after a cile-party situation. Then the series of other pillars also "poured", from Alisson Becker goalkeeper, right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold, who was paired with Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Fabinho interceptary midfielder. Even Mohamad Salah also made Covid-19 after ... went to eat brother.

Liverpool - Klopp miserable for hitting
The situation makes Liverpool lost the whole season (source: Internet)

The situation makes Liverpool lost Van Dijk both season

The injury situation of pillars is seriously affecting the ability to protect Liverpool's king. The 2019/20 season, the army of coach Jurgen Klopp must go to the 9th round of the first time to drop the point, with a 1-1 draw on MU. And to the 28th round, "Red Brigade" lost his first match. Meanwhile in the 2020/21 season, Liverpool was mixed 2 and lost 1 match after only 8 rounds.

On Daily Mail, the former player Jamie Carragher was worried about Liverpool's 2020/21 season. According to Liverpool Deputy Review, the so-called "Premier League" is returning. Having a fact, from 2010 to now only 1 time the Premier League champion protects the championship in the last season, Man City in 2 seasons 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Season 2020/21, Liverpool lost 1 and Hoa 2 of the 8 matches played in the Premier League. Sir Alex with 27 years of working at MU ever estimated, if losing more than 3 matches in a season, that team didn't dream of silver trophy at the end of the season. Thus, Liverpool loses important scores in the early stages of the season, and the ability of them "slipping" at the upcoming tourmalet stage is huge.


In 2012, in an unorthodox source, Sir Alex revealed that it would not be able to have a team that could successfully defend the King of the Premier League. Because this is the guidelines of the Tournament Organizing Committee to avoid leading to the boring repetition of this world's most profitable tournament.

It is not easy for Liverpool to successfully defend the English Premier Championship

Must be in this season 2018/19, this "Curse" was decoded by Man City by Coach Pep Guardiola. But it can completely return this season, if it looks into Liverpool's decline in the past stage as well as a series of difficulties that this team is facing.

An extremely marked evidence for the fierceness of the so-called "Premier League". In the 2011/12 season, MU is ice on the road to protect the king with 8 points more than Man City, while the tournament is only 6 rounds. Suddenly "Red Devils" lost to Wigan 0-1, Hoa Everton 4-4 led 4-2 to 85 minutes and lost Man City in Etihad. Only after 3 rounds, 8 points are leveled.

Regarding the lead to the protection of the Premier League championship, the Arlo White commentary of NBC channel said that the teams often made themselves weaken after the throne. Former player Rio Ferdinand also pointed out another reason, it was the rise of competitors. Specifically, except for Leicester City in unexpected nature, the teams in the throne in several seasons have a strong investment, determined to overthrow the king.

Meanwhile, coach Roberto Mancini, who has driven Man City Premier League champion The 2011/1/12 season said that thanks to abundant financial resources from eating television copyright, many small teams in Premier League are also Get quality rookies. Since then the teams enhance the fighting strength and become obstacles with his big group.