One of the most important steps and huge contribution to the success of Liverpool's reign of Jürgen Klopp is recruiting Virgil van Dijk from Southampton. Anfield team spent 75 million pounds amount to turn players Dutch midfielder became the most expensive football history.

Liverpool hold
Van Dijk joined Liverpool in 2018 for the record price (Image Source: Internet)

Van Dijk joined Liverpool in 2018 with record prices

However, this case is true that "expensive sandwiches." The arrival of Van Dijk solve problems that previously headache Jürgen Klopp is defense. Along with Matip or Lovren, the former Southampton player has turned into a "wall" almost impenetrable front of the keeper.

Good aerial ability of Van Dijk Liverpool have one more attack nose corner. Besides, the ability to use the player's ideal to put "The Kop" always rotated the ball easily. Currently, Van Dijk was the best ball player Premiership with 2478 times.

Van Dijk can say is most almighty midfielder present time. Therefore, the big guns of European football as PSG, Juventus and Real Madrid always intended "to rob" the Dutch players from Anfield. However, easy to Liverpool where this happens.

Liverpool hold
Van Dijk is about to become the highest paid player in Liverpool history (Image Source: Internet)

Van Dijk is about to become the highest paid player in the history of Liverpool

British newspapers reported in unison "The Kop" is about to reach an agreement to extend the contract with the Dutch midfielder. As revealed by The Sun, Liverpool valve sticking Djik 5 years with the club for a record salary of the team, £ 220,000 / week.

Currently, players are the highest paid Liverpool for £ 200,000 Mo Salah / week. The Sun revealed PSG once suggested salary £ 280,000 / week for Van Dijk but the player chose to stay at Anfield.

Nevertheless, the Dutch midfielder would also pocket about 57 million pounds in the next 5 years and that is not a small figure. Obviously, Jürgen Klopp great influence in this decision. Under German teacher, Liverpool have a Champions League title and the upcoming Premier League championship after 30 years of waiting.