Liverpool strengthen defense

Liverpool could only be Premier League championship for the first time a mere 2 historic victory again. But because the epidemic Covid-19 trophy's history Merseyside become slowed. But what the heck, Liverpool are still in phase can go on to great success in the further next season.

Liverpool dream
Liverpool success with Van Dijk (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool success with Van Dijk

However, defeat to Atletico Madrid in the Champions League round of 1/8 is also suggestion for leaders Liverpool, if they want to maintain the red empire any longer. This team should have the booster, with the basis of the defense. Since Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker to Liverpool, suggesting fundamental differences. Rushing attack still play like that, but the defense of the "Red Brigade" has become a lot more certainty.

The most concrete evidence to Liverpool to invest in defense, which is viewed from the failure of the rival Manchester City. Currently "Green Man" is still the better team Liverpool attack after 29 rounds. They scored 68 goals, with 66. But Liverpool is playing Man City defense worse, conceding 31 times, while with Liverpool just 21.

So according to the Liverpool Echo, leaders Liverpool are intended to strengthen the defense by a star "blockbuster" really - MATHIJS de Ligt. 22-year-old star Netherlands struggling at Juventus, while he went to the Turin club with the position of a star. For its part, the Liverpool midfielder also need new, often when Matip was Lovren injury is just contingency plans.

Van Dijk and De Ligt pairing at Anfield?

Playing style and skills of De Ligt extremely meticulous with strategic thinking and building Klopp's side, as shown by the similarities in playing style of Ajax and Liverpool. To Liverpool with terrible wages, working with coach Klopp, perhaps De Ligt will not take too much time to integrate into the play of the "Red Brigades". Meanwhile, the current De Ligt in Juventus are having difficulty, partly because of the Juventus game different from former club Ajax.

Liverpool dream
De Ligt will alongside Van Dijk in Liverpool? (Image Source: Internet)

De Ligt will alongside Van Dijk in Liverpool?

Besides, De Ligt will have the opportunity to pair with the man his stone on Holland - Virgil van Dijk. They showed a great ability to connect, and partners of different food ideas in orange shirt's defense, helping the Dutch reach the Nations League Final 2019. If lucky, the Netherlands altogether can create a better result before Portugal in the final.

And if successfully recruited De Ligt, Liverpool will actually have the "Flying Dutchman" of their own. Though they did not play in attack, but promised to act as the foundation for the success of Liverpool in the near future. 2 recent seasons with a Van Dijk, Liverpool had the best defense Premiership. If more De Ligt, this team promises to be even stronger.

Liverpool are going against all common trend. People spend lots of money to purchase Merseyside the defensive player, while expenditures are moderate to own the offensive player. Keep in mind two key star is Sadio Mané (35 million pounds) and Mohamed Salah (39 million pounds) was not put together by Van Dijk alone. However, the decision goes against the crowd that was brought about success for Merseyside. So, Liverpool will not hesitate to spend money to bring De Ligt tons of Anfield.