Premier League next stone yet but has stirred public opinion with Chelsea about to buy striker Timo Werner from Leipzig for the season 2020/21. Germany striker, which was considered as an ideal player for coach Jürgen Klopp, but Liverpool eventually decided to withdraw from the race to pave the way for Chelsea.

Liverpool Chelsea
Timo Werner will be great for Liverpool, but going to Chelsea (Image Source: Internet)

Timo Werner will be great for Liverpool, but going to Chelsea

This news caused the Liverpool fans are worried because they have missed a long pursuit, and the reason for this renunciation is financial. In a recent interview the coach Klopp has revealed although he admired the talents of Werner, Liverpool are not in a solid position financially to be able to recruit him.

"We must be very realistic, we run the club like a normal company business income and depend on cash flow rather than outside. When new club can play in the yard with the audience? At this time every team losses, no audience and we have to refund the fare of the season both the current season, not to mention the not sold any tickets next season, "said Klopp.

"We will have a satisfactory explanation if the player purchased for $ 50-60 million pounds or pay them a very high salary. This is not the appropriate time for such activities. "

Liverpool Chelsea
Jürgen Klopp said Liverpool could not great shopping if uncertain financial (Image Source: Internet)

Jürgen Klopp said Liverpool could not great shopping if uncertain financial

Klopp perfectly reasonable by the fact immediately to Barcelona this time is also seeking to sell players to cover more than economic. But risk appetite for investment is always an important part in maintaining the competitiveness of a team and this is what Liverpool fans want.

Liverpool have a very strong squad 1 with almost perfect at every position, especially their attacking trio. But even that trio has also plowed together in season 3, will come when they needed someone to take power reserve base and create competitive position. Liverpool tried to buy about Takumi Minamino as well as the replacement for Elliott, Jones and Brewster from the youth team, but there are no signs that they are capable of winning the position of the three main rock if only for a short time.

Not to mention some of Liverpool's position also lack the reserve, which is typical 2 position fullbacks. If Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold does not rock, often Klopp will pull out Joe Gomez and James Milner saw TAA Robertson saw their forte though is elsewhere. When two fullbacks key is absent, the quality of the replacement is a fall quite far.

Liverpool Chelsea
Liverpool striker trio plowed continuously for 3 seasons (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool striker trio plowed continuously for 3 seasons

One of the factors causing each successful long MU under Sir Alex Ferguson as they continually upgrade the team even after the victory, despite a few cases of buying them. Whereas in the past decade has 2 time champions Chelsea to then complacency in the market led to the failure next season.

Klopp with director Michael Edwards sports recruiting very well since they started at Anfield collaborate and can be confident that Liverpool will not complacency that is only waiting for the opportunity to unwind shopping. But the main squad of Liverpool not young and they can not maintain the current form with gameplay very high physical demands of Klopp, so the refresh is always necessary force.

Liverpool champions this season with very high point gap, but after the season unpredictable. When Man City crowned the 2017/18 season they were over Liverpool to 25 points, but to the 2018/19 season, the two teams separated by only 1 point right when the championship race ended. Things can change very quickly after just one year.