What does Solsa say about the chance?

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes that if Manchester United crosses December storms, "Reds" will join the Premier League championship race this season.

Before the match against Sheffield, Solsa said: "These are great matches with us. I will be very disappointed if the players don't think MU can give a challenge to the championship.

After the match with Aston Villa (2/1/2021), we will have a break between the tournament. This is a very important time and then we will easily answer whether we can challenge the Premier League title. "

Mu dreamed on the table after the first phase

Man United was about to march to Bramall Lane of the Sheffield Table in the late match of the 13th Premier League. This is the match that the teacher Game Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is determined to win the entire 3 points to climb to the 5th place on the bxh after this round.

Live football Sheffield United - MU: howling 90 + 1 minutes (run out of time)
Rashford and teammates to win all 3 points on away field (Photo source: Internet)

Rashford and teammates decided to win all 3 points on the away field

The mission of "Red Devils" is not too difficult but Coach Solskjaer will have calculations for his team to achieve the best fitness when he is about to complete the first round kick with Burnley. This is also a chance that can't be better for MU to take the second goal and can close the first step in this impressive position.

In fact, MU (20 points / 11 matches) will overcome the current team Tottenham (25 points / 13 matches) if won 6 points in 2 matches with Sheffield and Burnley. In other words, the upcoming confrontation with Sheffield will be the hinge match to "red demon" complete ambition to climb to 2nd place with only 2 points less than the Liverpool board.