2019/20 Ligue 1 season has been announced end and Paris Saint-Germain were awarded the championship, but messy lasted from when the decision was announced to date. Not only the team but the club suffered relegation Lyon also disadvantaged by the loss for European interest.

Ligue 1 club are three events: 17 teams and
Ligue 1 ended early makes Lyon 7th and lost productivity for European rather unjust (Image Source: Internet)

Ligue 1 ended early makes Lyon 7th and lost productivity for European rather unjust

Lyon Ligue 1 hour sued both on the Supreme civil court to require the French Ligue 1 and the French Football Federation to compensate for this club. Jean-Michel Aulas Chairman Lyon also received support from the heads of the two clubs Amiens and Toulouse, the two clubs were relegated Ligue 1 despite not kick off.

3 weeks ago this club has appealed to the court of Paris, but not approved, and now they decided to push the matter to the highest level. Aulas even wrote a letter sent directly to the French prime minister Edouard Philippe and minister of sport Roxana Maracineanu to give his own opinion, in which the bottom line is that the financial losses are so great that they suffered because of the season early termination,

With the situation Covid-19 in France had subsided and the government recently allowed the sport back from 2/6, plus the smooth back past Bundesliga in Germany, Lyon, and Toulouse Amiens no basis to ask the French government "correct mistakes". Actually decided to stop the government from France and no one else, but their decision after studying documents from organizers Ligue 1.

Lyon threatened even if the Ligue 1 club did not return to action notes the last round, they along with Amiens and Toulouse will all conditions and financial compensation in the amount can be up to 700-900 million euros. That would be an excessive amount of money for a lot of teams, or in other words is threatening to Lyon for Ligue 1 side a range of bankruptcy if not for the next stone.

Translation Covid-19 made French football hardships because many teams available capital in a state of financial stability when to close corporate tax rate is too high in this country, even PSG from when people Qatari takeover also had closed more than 1 billion euros in taxes. E that do not have enough football club management with Lyon, Amiens and Toulouse if drowning, by compensation enough to make a series of teams to bankruptcy.