The establishment phase of the 2019/20 Bundesliga Lewandowski

Lewandowski major contribution to Soviet victory "eat three" Bayern Munich this season, with the Champions League trophy, the Bundesliga and the National Cup. In fruits of Allianz Arena hosts, Lewandowski is the most prominent face, the achievement is the top scorer in all 3 fronts. Bundesliga, Polish striker has 34 goals, 15 goals in the Champions League and in the National Cup is 6 goals.

Lewandowski won the individual honor, dream
Lewandowski shown great performances (Image Source: Internet)

Lewandowski shown great performances

With this excellent performance, Lewandowski was recently voted the "Best Player of the Year 2020" in Germany, in the poll organized by the Association of German sports journalists. According to Bild, select Lewandowski 272 votes out of 525 votes.

This is the first time the Polish striker earned the title of this individual. No. 2 and No. 3 belongs to two teammates Thomas Mueller Lewandowski (54 votes) and Joshua Kimmich (49 votes). "I feel very proud to have received the title of Player of the Best 2020 in Germany", Lewandowski told Bild newspaper, "This is an honor not only for me personally, but also for all fans enthusiasm of the home team. "

He is also the 6th foreign players receive this title and player first foreigner to win the award since 2015. Previously, respectively Ailton (Bremen / Brazil, 2004), Franck Ribery (Bayern / France, 2008), Grafite (Wolfsburg / Brazil, 2009), Arjen Robben (Bayern / Netherlands, 2010) and Kevin de Bruyne (Wolfsburg / Belgium, 2015).

Along with Lewandowski, honors the best coach of the year was given to coach Hansi Flick. Not so when someone wallet Flick is the "brain" Vietnam offers help Bayern get the perfect season. Statistics show that Bayern reign of 55 strategists German had won 33, drawn 1 and only lost 2 through 36 league matches in all competitions (91.67% performance hit).

Back to Lewandowski, the latest in a speech on Sky Sports Germany, this striker has expressed his desire to play in 40 years. When asked whether more could play another decade, Lewy said: "Ten years? Sure, it was eight. The current contract is not my last. I want to play longer. And I want to win more trophies again. My teammates in Munich think so ".

This ambition of Lewy seems very similar to what striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrated're doing at AC Milan. Recently, Ibra has to renew his contract with AC Milan and continue to stay with the Serie A club for at least another season until year 40 (Ibra turns 39 in October next).