Robert Lewandowski is an incredible season. Netting the only goal in Werder Bremen's "Lewy" put Bayern Munich to the Bundesliga title for 8 consecutive years. Not only that, it also marks the great return of the individual players.

Lewandowski treble dream glowed, reached Messi - Ronaldo took home Golden Ball?
Lewandowski scored, helping Bayern Bundesliga champions (Image Source: Internet)

Lewandowski scored, helping Bayern Bundesliga champions

Since the Bundesliga back defender Covid-19, Lewandowski has scored 7 goals in 7 matches. Only 1 time this striker im gunfire, which is the classic match between Bayern and Dortmund in Germany. Thus, not only the bright door Lewandowski won the Bundesliga top scorer this season, but also the number one candidate for the title of European Golden Shoe.

Alone in the Bundesliga, Lewandowski is outstrips Timo Werner (25 goals) towards the title 5th scorer in the season following successful 2013/14, 2015/16, 2017/18, 2018/19. But most of all, a new European Golden Shoe as personal goals, "Lewy" towards at the moment.

Robert Lewandowski has a total of 31 goals after 32 rounds in the Bundesliga, led the list of European Golden Shoe. Bundesliga still 2 rounds again, and that is the opportunity to "Lewy" extended achievement for myself.

Charts European Golden Shoe, Lewandowski led with 62 points. Ciro Immobile second with 54 points. Subsequently respectively Timo Werner (50 points), Erling Haaland (46 points), Cristiano Ronaldo (42 points) and Lionel Messi (42 points) ...

In the past 3 years, Messi has won the Golden Boot with 37 goals (2016/17), 34 (2017/18) and 36 (2018/19). However, this season, "La Pulga" only 21 goals, to 10 goals less Lewandowski. Must be extremely spectacular breakthrough, Messi can flatten or surpass this achievement.

The fact is that in the second round back when La Liga, Messi is "only" scored 2 goals. Based on what Messi has shown since the beginning of the season, Lewandowski is very difficult to catch up. This season Messi has a long fuse stature phase. In return, the ultimate tectonic Messi with 14 times the indirect allies.

With 42 points are, Cristiano Ronaldo will have much to do if you want to win the Golden Boot title this season. CR7 scored 21 goals in 22 appearances in Serie A this season and continue to express durability. However, the gap 10 goals is something not easy to overcome.

Lewandowski treble dream glowed, reached Messi - Ronaldo took home Golden Ball?
Lewandowski is a great opportunity to race Golden Ball in 2020 (Image Source: Internet)

Lewandowski is a great opportunity to race Golden Ball 2020

After winning the Bundesliga, Bayern Munich are now directed to the treble. Ahead "Bayern" is the Cup final with Bayer Leverkusen German National - 5/7 day takes place at 1:00. Also in the Champions League, Bayern also defeated Chelsea 3-0 in the second leg hit go, and as set foot in the quarterfinals.

If you can help Bayern win the treble this season, 2019/20, Robert Lewandowski will light door Golden Ball title this year 2020. It should be remembered not place the big tournament like EURO or the Olympic finals as expected is.

Therefore Champions League promises to be a metal post for any personal ambition in the Golden Ball race, including Lewandowski. Luka Modric looked at the way the end of the era domination Messi - Ronaldo, the "Lewy" is clearly no basis to navigate to.