Lewandowski scored a brace for Bayern at the match against Wolfsburg recently

Lewandowski has experienced an extraordinary season with Bayern Munich when I won the Champions League, Bundesliga, and German National Cup. Even if the title of Golden Shoe falls into Ciro Immobile's hand, Lewandowski is still the number one striker in three champions. He scored 55 goals after 47 matches last season, including 15 goals in the Champions League.

Anna's wife Stachurska helps Lewandowski much in terms of nutrition

Lewandowski's victory at Fifa The Best 2020 is predicted before. The remaining two rivals in the Top 3 have a collective representation compared to the Bayern striker. Messi does not have a collective title, and Lewandowski's Bayern itself in the Champions League quarter-finals. Ronaldo won Scudetto, but soon stopped in the first round of the Champions League.

Know, from a slender body player when playing for Lech Poznań, Lewandowski has changed a lot thanks to the dietary and dietary habits. This is the same "killer instinct" (like Mourinho evaluated) which helped him maintain the captain of the top 2020.

People who play an important role in nutrition changes with Lewy are his wife, Anna Stachurska, a famous dietitian in Poland. Thiago Cionek, Robert Lewandowski's former teammate at Poland DT revealed this star's diet was planned by an Anna hand.

"On the day of competition, he eats a lot of protein, there is always tuna for breakfast and avoiding all gluten and sugars," Cionek reveals. "One day before the match, after dinner, he used more A rice cake plate aims to fill the body with carbs and glucose to the next day. After that, during the recovery process after the match, he used green vegetables and avocados. "

Lewandowski over Ronaldo - Messi thanks to the extreme diet?
Lewy is very hard to practice GYM (Photo source: Internet)

Lewy is very hard to practice GYM

Besides, Lewandowski has a fairly opposite eating habit. He uses the first dessert and the final appetizer. In addition, he often complements the fruit juice body, combined with cinnamon spices to increase the excitement.

Another important factor cannot be ignored, it is the fact that Lewandowski complies with the exercise regime. Every time it was idle, this striker "locked up" in the Gym room for many hours, to the extent of the old teammates in Dortmund once giving him the nickname "The Body" because it was very diligent to lift weight. Thus, Lewy is in the star group with the most beautiful abdominal muscles today.

In addition to dining problems controlled by Anna's wife, Lewandowski's sleeping also has an intervention expert. A sleep expert once recommended Lewy eliminates the maximum light sources in the bedroom and should lie in the left because the property of this player is right.

In a new share with Eurosport, Lewy admitted he didn't play PlayStation every time he was free, instead reading books. Most of him or reading autobiography of prestigious athletes like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods or Usain Bolt.