With fixed table Bayern 3-0 win against Lyon, Lewandowski has had mixed up the 15th and could only record the most scored in a Champions League season 2 goals Cristiano Ronaldo's right. However, the 9 Bayern went into the Champions League history as the second player can record more than 15 goals in a season.

Lewandowski astonishing 15 goals C1 Cup, Mbappe
Mbappe - Lewandowski - Neymar, the brightest stars in the final Champions League 2019/20 (Image Source: Internet)

Mbappe - Lewandowski - Neymar, the brightest stars in the final Champions League 2019/20

Step into the final tournament, Lewandowski will face two brightest stars in the side of the PSG and none other is the pair of "Twins" Mbappe - Neymar. Currently, the duo contributed 8 goals in the Champions League, which contributed greatly helped France team has for the first time in the history of presence in the finals.

Share on the offensive star of the top Champions League 2019/20 season, the former Manchester United and Arsenal striker Robin van Persie said. "This is three incredible players. They were at a new level and it's hard to choose who is the best.

7 to 8 years, Lewandowski is always world class. Meanwhile, Neymar is a great form and will players one can hardly miss his shot go ball. In the game against Atalanta, Neymar dribble successfully 16 times.

But in my opinion, there is something very Mbappe other. He played at a very high level with remarkable speed. Each selection of Mbappe showed perfection from dribble, pass or whether tectonic, shot ... For me personally, I would choose Mbappe because he is playing in a different class. "

General view with Van Persie, another name is played for Manchester United Rio Ferdinand even compare with Ronaldo Mbappe "aliens" in the past.

"Mbappe somewhat very similar to the Brazilian Ronaldo. Moving, thinking, finish and speed, was the closest Mbappe asymptotic talented Ronaldo. The similarity is that both shines a very young age, making all Mbappe goosebumps ".

In the final battle between PSG and Bayern Munich (2h, 24/8), the battle between the two teams line will certainly be the focus when the presence of the most outstanding stars of European football. And then, fans will witness confrontations screen unique to find a champion.