LEIPZIG - MU match images

Leipzig had to win this match to be sure to go on because they couldn't expect PSG to lose in the same time, while MU only needed to draw enough. Coach Julian Nagelsmann tossed a 3-4-2-1 diagram with Dani Olmo playing as a "fake number 9" supported by NKUNKU and Forsberg, and Angelino and Haidara controlled 2 wings. On Mu side, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer used Alex Telles and Aaron Wan-Bissaka as 2 wings, Matic and Mctominay supported 3 Midfoots Shaw - Maguire - Lindelof and Bruno Fernandes rock behind Greenwood - Rashford.

Angelino has a 1st half as a goal

There was a more convenient situation but only after 13 minutes MU crushed like soy sauce. On the second minute Sabitzer had a pass to change the wing as placed for Angeino and left the corner of De Gea, before the star was lended by Man City to play an innovative person, throw the ball for Haidara in the ring Prohibit the vocal dehydration.

Even the score should be 3-0 in the 17th minute if Forsberg did not miss columns in the goal without being accompanied by anyone, once again from Angelino's pass. As a minute of 30 orban minutes, I kicked the MU grid after Konate's post-column header, but the referee was counseled by VAR and caught the Orban.

MU very few chance clearly in the first half and on 2 times Greenwood and Rashford have a chance to finish in the 8th and 33 minutes, both are not given to each other in a convenient position but instead of players Gulacsi subjects blocked or prevented by midfielder. The goal was too dark to take place and Paul Pogba had to be asked to start at the end of the union.

But the second half of Solskjaer released in Van de Beek before and changed to the 4 defenders. Mu played brighter and 55 minutes they should have shortened the score if someone could accommodate Fernandes's headed by Fernandes. The starist star continued to be a threat to Leipzig, 66 minutes from 66 minutes, causing Gulacsi to punch the ball before having a bunch of a bunch of a crossbar only 2 minutes later.

Leipzig - MU: unsuccessful reverse curtain, choking minutes to install hours (C1 trophy result)
Kluivert rushed into Maguire's mistake to Leipzig 3-0 led (source: Internet)

Kluivt rushed into Maguire's mistake to led Leipzig 3-0

But about 50 seconds after the stone touches Fernandes, Leipzig has a 3rd goal goal. A. Angelino's crossing team touches the team to change toward the 5m50 MU area, but Maguire drops the ball, making the Preeler Justin Kluivert not miss Ha de Gea's gold chance in phase faces. At this time, the new Mu frantically attacked at a high speed, only in 3 minutes of Greenwood, Mctominay and Fernandes continued to walk away, causing Gulacsi to push the ball.

Finally "Red Devils" also found a turning point when Greenwood sent a penalty sentence in the 79th minute after being got a mistake, and Fernandes lowered Gulacsi on the 11m dot. Just 2 minutes later Pogba after about 20 minutes on the yard spoke out with a high-headed goal from Fernandes, the ball touched both Maguire and Konate before entering Leipzig.

Leipzig - MU: unsuccessful reverse curtain, choking minutes to install hours (C1 trophy result)
Pogba shortened 2-3 minutes in 82 minutes (Photo source: Internet)

Pogba shortened 2-3 minutes in 82 minutes

2 goals lose made Leipzig panic and had many error handling, but MU was quite dark in the phase on the ball afterwards. 90 + 3 minutes, they almost were lucky to assist but accidentally cushioning the ball of Mukiele's house on the side of Leipzig to hit Gulacsi's feet before being shaded by this goalkeeper.

Win 3-2, Leipzig won the ticket worthy of the 1/8 Champions League. MU will go down to play in Europa League as the 3rd ranked team, regardless of whether PSG - Basaksehir is organized or not after a racist incident.

Match ratio: Leipzig 3-2 MU (1: 2-0).


- Leipzig: Angelino 2 ', Haidara 13', Kluivert 68 '

- MU: Fernandes 80 '(Pen), Pogba 82'

Departure team:

Leipzig: Gulacsi, Mukiele, Konate, Orban, Angelino, Sabitzer, Kampl, Olmo, Haidara, Forsberg, Nkunku.

MU: De Gea, Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw, Matic, Mctominay, Bruno Fernandes, Telles, Rashford, Greenwood.